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Set the Nikon D5100 from its default Matrix Metering to Spot Metering. This will allow the camera to meter the centre 3.5mm of your viewfinder and correctly expose for this area whilst leaving the background over exposed with some blown out highlights. Next, set the camera to RAW and click away (very important for post work). you can leave as jpeg if you ...


When you have a relatively dark subject and a very bright background you are not going to be able to capture both in a single frame, so your options are: Decide you really wanted to get a silhouette or white background Sometimes you just have to make due with what you have Combine several frames Shoot several frames at different exposures and combine ...


Increase the exposure via a slower shutter speed, wider aperture, or a higher ISO... Exposure compensation will also do it in basically any mode, set it to over expose the image. You could also lighten the subject in post processing although that typically isn't preferred unless it is your only option.

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