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There shouldn't be any issues. All the extension tubes do--if they have electronic contacts--is to pass through the signals from the camera body to the lens. If the lens works on the body, it should work on the tubes. And if the tubes don't have contacts, then you'd be without communication between the body and lens whether the lens was Sigma or not. In ...


No, it is not. The DC designation on Sigma lenses means it's a DX lens. Their DG designation indicates an FX lens. Nearly all zoom lenses that start with 16-18mm at the wide end are crop lenses. Full frame walkaround zooms more typically start at 24mm or 28mm. The Sigma 28-300 DG lens is probably what you're looking for.


Sigma issued an advisory about compatibility with the D5300 in late 2013. They have released firmware updates for lenses that can be upgraded via their USB dock. Unfortunately, the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens is not one of the compatible lenses listed for the USB dock. It appears your lens may not be compatible with the Nikon D5300. Because you can't update the ...


The biggest handicap you're going to have to deal with when using that lens for sports is the relative narrow maximum aperture. At the longest focal length, which you're going to be using most often, your lens will be limited to f/6.3. Even if you are in bright daylight, which will allow for proper exposure at the shutter speeds you'll need to stop the ...


This is going to be generally hard. I'd suggest: Get as close as possible. 200mm on a "DX" camera isn't peanuts, but it won't bring you right to the action from a distance. Use the camera's "sports" mode. This situation is exactly what it's for. It will prioritize fast shutter speeds.

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