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Hmm. B&H has quite a few of these, made by B+W, Heliopan, Singh-Ray, and others, notably, Hoya and Hitech. Those brands are all very good (especially their higher end filters, but really, they all are very good), and all have 95mm CPL filter models around the $200-400 US price point. The B+W you mentioned will work fine; personally, if I was going to ...


No. It's not a mount issue—it's a glass issue. Sigma's mount conversion is to change between different mount systems so it will physically mount and electronically communicate to the system of your choice. Canon EF and EF-S lenses are actually still in the same mount/signaling system. And chances are good your 17-70/2.8-4 will actually mount and ...


It appears you are shooting indoors. At f/6.3 there's probably not enough edge light making it through the lens to the camera's AF sensor for the camera focus the lens. If you were in brighter conditions or aiming at very high contrast targets it might work better. The PDAF sensor in any SLR with AF compares edge light from opposite sides of the lens to ...

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