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When attached with a working E-TTL cable the flash should behave exactly as if it were connected directly to the hot shoe. One thing you may want to check is the alignment of the connections at both ends of the cable. Make sure the cable is inserted all the way into the hot shoe and that the flash is inserted all the way into the other end of the cable. And ...


If it's low-light work you're primarily intending to do then the f2.8 lenses are a better option as they are an f-stop brighter than the Canon 24-105 f4L. Image stablisation can only do so much and having a wider aperture will give you a head start in low-light environments, making IS less necessary. Also bear in mind you're less likely to need IS at wider ...


I would go with ultra-cheap Tamron 70-300 OS or Nikon 70-300VR. I think they're both of equal design. At least that's word on street that they were from same specifications. Both are great for DX cams. Also, the 55-300, I believe, is good. Lost track of DX lens lineup. Just get VR in whichever lens because handholding without blur is nearly impossibly at ...


If you think about a bigger change in depth of field, like f1.4 to f11, it is a bit more obvious: the autofocus has more 'probably sharp' points to pin down, therefore he needs to recalculate. If you have a smaller change in f-stop, the same happens, but on a much smaller basis and is barely noticeable.


does the focus change from one f-stop to the next Depth of field changes when you change the aperture, so the camera is probably adjusting to ensure that the object at the selected AF point remains in focus. This is particularly important when you increase the aperture (i.e. move to a lower f-number), giving you a narrower depth of field. AF systems ...


Today I received a Sigma Zoom-K III 75-210 and I tested it with my Nikon D5100. Automatic modes don't work but it works in manual mode without a problem. First test shots just great, details super - well you must know how to handle not only the manual mode but also the lens setting! I am curious how the macro mode will behave.

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