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DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SIGMA PRODUCTS I purchased a Sigma lens for my Canon EOS 7D and I can honestly say it was extremely poor quality. I used it three times in less than a month only for the focus ring to break on it and spew parts onto the floor. So less than a month old I sent it back to Sigma under warranty only for them to tell me I broke it and I ...


No; just changing metering mode will not affect focus on any camera that I'm aware of. If the metering resulted in different aperture or shutter speed, those might have an effect, but everything came out the same regardless of mode, right? (You don't mention shutter speed; I assume that none of them have a significant difference there.) Therefore, as ...


Regarding the polarizer, in my opinion there is not much to choose between the 2 you mention, however, there is one that I prefer for my high end 50 mm 1.2 when I am out and about. That is the Tiffen circular polarizer. It is a fairly expensive option, but the build quality matches my lens and keeps in line with the premium feel. However, my main reason is ...

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