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If you are certain the issue is not user error, and have tried the lens on another working camera body, you need to call the service center and discuss your concerns with them.


Use AE-L/AF-L button. go to Custom Setting Menu -> Controls -> Assign AE-L/AF-L button and set it to AF-ON. Now point your camera towards your object and half press the shutter button. Once focused press AE/AF-L button. focus will lock.


From the manual, page 33: Choose from the following focus modes. [...] Manual focus followed by some pictures showing how to select a specific focus mode which I'm not going to try to reproduce here, but the steps are basically: Place the cursor in the information display. Display focus mode options. Choose a focus mode.


Testing optical performance of lenses requires knowledge and an optical laboratory. Subjectively, looking at the results obtained via the images you have captured, which may raise your index of suspicion about the performance of a lens so tested; may only point you in the general direction of disappointment with performance. In general terms, it is usually ...

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