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You really only have a few options. Basically, it's all about shutter speed and reduced light, so you can: Get a stronger ND filter. The "Big Stopper" by Lee is such an option, but even welders glass can do it. You can also stack filters, but I would tend to a single filter first. Stop the lens down even more which will increase softness, but since you're ...


I would try using a shutter count website like this one: By uploading a picture it will give you the count and you can compare it against the one given on Magic Lantern. If the first count was correct, I would try speaking to wherever you bought it from as that may suggest it wasn't brand new at all, although for 14k I ...


1/90th of a second is the limit of the cameras shutter speed with out electronic assistance. On your shutter dial you should see it listed as "M90", the "M" standing for mechanical. My first course of action would be ensure that you're using a fresh battery, then check the battery connections is free from corrosion. If the problem persists, it might mean ...

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