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Different Camera manufacturers rarely follow a common standard for communication protocols. Neither for those components that you have access to regularly nor to internal ones. The pins of a Canon TTL hot shoe (that's what you attach the flash to on top of the camera) will not talk to the pins of a Nikon TTL flash. The pins on a Sony Lens mount will not ...


You can probably prevent this problem by making sure your battery is fully charged. Stuck shutter (or probably, stuck mirror) is a common symptom of low battery, especially when taking a long exposure or using the flash. By the end of the exposure the battery doesn't have enough juice left to close the shutter and flip the mirror back. The other thing which ...


Assuming there's nothing wrong with the camera itself (possible), there are a few settings to check. Hit the Menu button, go to the Setup menu (third icon), and select the Buttons item. There should be an option to set the behavior of the AF-L/AE-L button. When this is set to AF-ON, the button activates the focus, and the shutter release does not autofocus....


The general idea of a leaf shutter seems to have started from leaves on trees. The earliest leaf shutters had a relatively large, flat opaque "leaf" with a "stem" sticking out from one end where it pivoted. This shutter design has a number of shortcomings though. The shutter speed isn't very controllable, it's nearly impossible to get it really fast, and ...


A leaf shutter is located in the lens of a camera, rather than in front of the focal plane inside the body of the camera. They are made of several metal blades that fit together in a circular arrangement with the intersection of all of the blades overlapping in the center. When a leaf shutter opens the hole gets gradually larger from the center to the edges. ...

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