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While noise is a concern, Sometimes, you do need a bit longer than 30", depending on your lighting conditions. You can use a remote to expose for long periods of time in Bulb mode. I downloaded a remote app to my phone, and it works perfect. Set your camera to Bulb. Set to Remote. Then use the remote to fire. The shutter will stay open until you depress the ...


The self-timer on a Canon dSLR has two options, 2 or 10 seconds. 4 seconds is an unusual delay - are you using Live View mode by any chance? That would account for the delay as full Live View focusing is much slower than in non-Live View modes. Putting the camera in normal non-Live View mode, setting the AF mode to One-Shot and drive mode to Single should ...


The rolling shutter is a method of image capture which is not by taking a snapshot of the entire scene at single instant in time, but rather by scanning across the scene rapidly (vertically or horizontally). The implications of using a rolling shutter can produce predictable distortions of fast-moving objects or rapid flashes of light such as wobble (jello ...

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