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Try switching to manual focus mode (MF switch on your lens). If the problem solved - your camera has troubles focusing. The reasons might be: • Insufficient light • Lens AF problem (try a different lens to see if the problem remains) • Body AF problem (contact service) If MF didn't solve the problem: Try a different memory card. After you snap a batch of ...


I am afraid Nikon D3300 do not have electronic shutter. You can check documentations and specifications here And as you can see the life of shutter of D3300 is 100k (average). But do not expect when you reach the limit shutter will stop working at all. Also you want to make timelapse so you should pay the "price" :) Difference between electronic and ...


Have you tried www.camerashuttercount.com? Just upload an image...


Shutter Count from Dire Studio works for me on all of my post-Digic II Canon EOS cameras. Your Canon EOS 1100D is listed as compatible.

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