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Yes. The shutter is jamming, i.e. not opening/closing fully. It "probably" will need servicing. I had this happen recently on holiday, after I dropped it. The shutter went out of alignment, Which I could see with the lens removed. But with the help of a table knife, and gentle pushing, I was able to free it. It seems to be OK since, but TRY AT YOUR OWN ...


I had this problem in Low light with the AF Assist Light still coming on. What I found was that using the Live View is completely different to focusing while keeping Live view off. I just stopped using Live view and the problem was immediately solved. Of course the AF Assiste light was working in my case for both scenarios.


The review has pictures to confirm higher noise of electronic shutter at similar settings, so it's not just a matter of prejudice. On some recent models, e.g. GH4 and GM1, Panasonic has been caught using reduced bit depth (10 bits instead of 12) with electronic shutter to speed it up. As a half-price alternative to GH4, I'd expect G7 to pull the same trick, ...

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