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Quite simply the faster your shutter, the less light you get to the sensor. You have 3 options: lower your shutter speed widen your aperture increase sensor sensitivity (ISO) The point of manual mode is to give you COMPLETE control, but it sounds like you dont yet understand the way exposure works. I would suggest you use P (basically full auto ...


1/250 is generally the shutterspeed when connected to a flash. Disconnect and your shutterspeed should be changeable up to 1/8000.


That would be the 60D's flash sync speed. When you have a flash connected you can not get a shorter shutter speed than that without enabling high speed sync. That is because of the way the shutter works - even at a 1/8000 shutter speed, the shutter "rolls" across the image, taking about 1/250 second. Each individual part is only exposed for your 1/8000 but ...


Most dSLRS use focal plane shutters with two curtains. The first curtain "opens" the shutter, and the second one "closes" it. The size of the gap between the two shutters determines the shutter speed. The smaller the gap, the faster your shutter speed. When you reach your maximum sync speed (usually around 1/200s, for most cameras), that's the fastest ...

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