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A quick read of the manual and specs suggests that camera doesn't have a bulb mode (which allows you to open the shutter for long periods), and the slowest shutter speed is 30 seconds in 'starry night' mode.


As well as shutter speed you need to set white balance not use auto wb. Set your white balance to florescent if you have that setting but using a color meter to measure the kelvin temp of the lights and setting that as a custom white balance would be better.


The answers given by whuber and Matt Grum are correct, pointing out the flicker problem and some workarounds. My addendum comes 6 years after, where we are now beginning to see some real solutions to the lamp flicker problem: New cameras such as the Canon EOS 7D Mark II and 80D introduced an anti-flicker shooting mode. The camera uses the metering sensor ...


Shutter curtains/blades move at a constant velocity. Doesn't matter how fast your shutter speed gets, the time it takes the exposure to happen never gets faster than about half your sync speed. That is, about 1/500th on a 1/250 sync speed shutter. Past sync speed you're just making the gap between curtains smaller. 1/8000th on a 1/250th sync speed camera ...

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