Napioa - Wind Origins

Napioa - Wind Origins
by octopus                

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What you need to improve is your own analysis. The photos probably are ok for one reason, the birds are there and you probably have little time to take the shoot. Any change could mean that you loose the shoot. I feel it's perfect shot. But if you close your own doors and you are self-congratulatory you have reached your own peak. Michael Clark made ...


Judging by the dead trees in the bottom right, it's simply focused on those trees, and not what you're hoping for. Also, that long focal length means your depth of field is less, so it's harder to get more things in focus.


The basic way of learning the ISO is using a calibrated light source (known spectral distribution and power), photohraph it (using RAW recording of course) and study the output (using RawDigger or alternative program) to find out the boundary EV at which one of channels ("green", typically) saturates i.e. looses any detail and becomes "1". Or, you may learn ...

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