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The 40D cable remote uses what Canon calls the N3 connector, whereas the 70D uses the E3 connector. The E3 connector is just Canon's name for the subminiature 3/32" (2.5mm) 3-conductor TRS audio connector. The N3 connector is just a 3-conductor connector as well (but I believe it is proprietary and only used by Canon). If you have a cable release for the ...


They're physically different. The 70D is the audio-jack style connector, while the 40D has the square, stubby connector (see, I know my technical words!) This is the 70D connector. This is the 40D connector. You can buy a converter / adapter. Don't buy any of them from the Canon site (far too expensive), buy a 3rd party version from Amazon or similar, ...


S. I worked in a camera store for many years. I worked on many brands with lots of issues. First off I can't see the camera..."in action", so this is my best educated stab in the dark. I don't believe you have any debris in he lens. The reason is that the lens won't close when it powers down or want to move at all when you do get a obstruction in the lens ...

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