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"I would like to know if camera can take multiple shots... IF so please let me know where I can find that setting." Just above the top LCD screen there are three buttons for 1) WB 2) AF and 3) ISO. Turn camera on and press the middle button "AF-DRIVE" button. While holding down the AF button, turn the "Main Dial" top wheel just behind the shutter release ...


The main disadvantage between IR remotes and wired releases is that IR isn't that reliable outside in bright sunlight. It works much better at night or indoors, but outside, the sunlight can overpower the IR signal and drastically reduce range and/or reliability. IR also requires line of sight between the IR remote sensor on the camera and the remote ...


You need to keep the button half pressed. The setting is not locked when you push half way. If you let go, the system believes you decided not to take the photo or the lock was no good (maybe it focused on the wrong thing). When you release the button, the settings are also released. You need to press half way and keep the button half pressed after the ...


You can do few things: - shoot in manual mode, this will help you avoid metering lag - try (if its possible) to assign AutoExposure Lock to some of the buttons on the camera and premeasure the exposure, lock and shoot - shoot in manual focus mode to avoid lag from focusing - try (if its possible) to assign AutoFocus Lock to some of the buttons on the camera ...


It is not just Canon bodies. Almost every brand of camera that uses a mini-stereo jack has the exact same pinout: The tip is the full press wire, the middle is the half press wire, and the base is the common ground. Even cameras which need other shape connectors almost all use the same three connections, they just vary the shape and arrangement of them. ...


I happened across a link in a comment by @ysap in an obliquely related question I surfed into.

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