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I didn't take the photo so I can't say for sure, but there are a couple of possible answers. He could have taken several photos (i.e. one without the shoe, one with someone's foot in the shoe holding it up, or one of just the shoe) and photoshopped them together. It's also possible that there's something behind the shoe that we can't see holding it up. A ...


With a camera. And some post processing. And maybe some CGI. I'm not saying this is how he did it, but it would be fairly easy to hang the shoe by a thin piece of monofilament fishing line and then remove it in post by cloning in a blurry power pole (Kind of like the one that is exactly where a support line would be) in the far background to cover your ...


Using long focal length Using very wide aperture Keeping large distance between object in focus and the background Using large(r) format sensor Using Brenzier technique To a lesser extent: Using lenses that were designed to have rapid falloff of sharpness (e.g. Zeiss 35mm lenses currently in production) Using lenses designed to have smooth background ...

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