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I was privelaged enough to be able to take a picture of a solar eclipse. Here's what happened when I took the pictures. Perhaps this will be of use to you. "Before" the eclipse happened I took some test pictures. To my disappointment the sun ended up setting behind the mountains before the eclipse ever came. Then as I was going back through my pictures I ...


The light is on the ground, which means the underside of her face is lit, which is quite different than we are used to seeing people lit (above, from sunlight or ceiling lights). Not sure it's a real problem here, but it's generally unflattering. Light is from an extreme angle from her right. Not necessarily bad, but it leaves most of her face dark, ...


Don't look into the viewfinder. Compose everything through live view (possibly block viewfinder with DK-5 Eyepiece Cap) and your eyes will be safe. The biggest problem of solar eclipse is that sun will suddenly pop up into the image, when your aperture is not ready for it. Use auto exposure in a mode that will allow it to close aperture, eg P or S mode, as ...

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