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The Canon 40D has previously been linked to focusing issues. My advice is to do the following checks. 1st Pic, Use a tripod. 2nd Pic, if there is an option to mirror lock, then on the next picture to that. 3rd pic, shoot handheld, but in Live View Mode(no Mirror Lock) 4th Picture, live view, but on a tripod, (no Mirror Lock) 5th, Live view, mirror lock and ...


Your basic issue is that you're shooting in low light with a non-IS lens (I'm assuming from the f/1.8 aperture and 50mm focal length that you're shooting with the EF 50mm f/1.8 II on your camera), and using iso 100, even at f/1.8, has pushed your shutter speed down to 1/40s. This is well within the 1/focal_length limits to show camera shake blur from ...


Shutter Speed The rule of thumb for handheld photography is that shutter speed needs to be no slower than the reciprocal of the focal length, or 1/55 sec in this case. The closest value up from that on your camera will be 1/60 sec. This explains your actual problem: 1/40 sec is too slow for a handheld shot with a 55mm lens. (Between your camera settings ...


To avoid camera shake 1/60 is the slowest for hand holding.


If the camera and subject are not moving at all, then the photo will have no motion blur regardless of how slow the shutter is. Obviously, these things are all relative. Even when you hold the camera very still it is still subject to enough movement to affect sharpness in long exposures. Amount of camera movement scale: Heavy tripod, remote (or timed) ...


In almost all cases the equipment is just fine and any problems are due to incorrect technique or incorrect camera settings, below are some simple test you can use to see if you are one of the rare cases that really has an equipment fault. To compere sharpness you should use an image editor that can set to exactly 100% zoom, the camera LCD (or phone, ...

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