High Falls, Pigeon River

by Jakub

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DXO does lens tests on most camera bodies and offers different scores for each. http://www.dxomark.com/Lenses/Canon/EF50mm-f-1-8-II-mounted-on-Canon-EOS-400D__184 Your 1000D is basically a 400D which gets a 13 compared to the 25 on the canon mark 3. However, prime lenses are excellent performance wise....99% of the problem is the shooter if it's a prime ...


Correlated flash problem I figured it out. In fact, I solved two problems with one solution. In addition to blurry zoomed photos, the camera was also having trouble with the flash. Whenever the flash was necessary, pressing the shutter button would cause the flash icon on the display to blink and nothing would happen; it would be stuck. Research ...

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