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Looking at your samples, the answer seems clear to me: that's not grainy, that is, actually, out of focus. Here's a 1:1 crop of your wide-open image: It seems pretty apparent that the wooden sign is sharp but the dog isn't, and the appearance of the blur looks completely in line with what one would expect from out-of-focus blur, not noise or grain. ...


Your basic issue is that you expect viewing the image at 100% to look just as good as viewing it at more typical sizes. Your D90 has a resolution of 4288 X 2848 pixels. When zoomed in to 100% and viewed on a typical 96 dpi monitor, that equates to a total image size of 45" X 30"! Even an image shot in plenty of light at a very fast shutter speed from a ...


You took this photo indoors, without a flash, in low light. The camera selected a high(er) ISO then would be desirable especially when "pixel peeping" at 100% on screen. If you would post an image to a website that does not strip the EXIF info, I could tell you more about this, but as it is posted on Imgur I cannot tell you what ISO was selected. Another ...

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