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You don't need a "photo sharing site" at all if you want to provide URLs directly to image files. Any web hosting space will do. Just upload the image files like any other binary file, the give out the URLs to them as you like. Check with your ISP, but you probably have some web space already available to you. If not, there are many cheap hosting sites ...


There are various options: ImgUrAfter uploading one or more images, the direct link is displayed in the sidebar. (You can also right-click the picture to get the direct link.) DropboxIt is possible to get the direct link, although it takes a bit of work. If the image is in the Public folder, you can simply right click and choose Copy public link. If ...


In fact, it's possible with Picasa Web Albums at the moment (2015/03). The following procedure works in Google Chrome (not in Firefox as it closes the download link tab). Log to Picasa Web Albums. Switch from the "new" Google+ mode to old Picasa Web Albums. (There's a pop-up just after logging-in in the upper part of the screen with this option.) Navigate ...

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