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Yes, there is a breathtaking amount of copyright infringement going on on the internet. The thing is: where it concerns images, most of it happens with the implicit approval of the copyright holders, who basically like to have their stuff shared and pinned and retweeted all over the internet (at least by consumers) because that gets them attention and ...


I use CC search to find creative commons images. It's a meta-search engine and it searches sites like Flickr and Wikimedia Commons. You could upload your work to one of the searched sites, indicate under what creative commons licence the images fall and describe them as much as possible (keywords, location).


Smugmug allows this, in fact, it has extensive capability to help you share an image, in your choice of image sizes. As you can see from the attached photo, you can also share the Gallery, create embedded links, etc. You can place restrictions on Galleries (not individual images), share privately, etc. A nice feature of the individual image share is that ...


Dropbox does it for me. I do have a paying account; maybe that makes a difference? Works both from the website and from the client. How I do it: Website: go to folder containing photo (in Files mode) hover over file name of photo a "Share" button appears; click it Copy that link to the clipboard and paste it anywhere you need it (or email it from there) ...


You can submit photos to free stock photo libraries. www.sxc.hu (changed to www.freeimages.com) was I think bought by iStockPhoto, but looks like the group might have been taken over by Getty Images. If you're happy for your images to be used without charging people, this could be a good way of getting your images seen


It depends if the images were released and under what conditions. Generally speaking, in most cases the creator of an image has the copyright for it and it can only be used with their permission except of a select few situations known as "fair use". Fair Use varies by legal jurisdiction and consists of the situations in which it is legally deemed to be in ...

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