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Yes, there is a breathtaking amount of copyright infringement going on on the internet. The thing is: where it concerns images, most of it happens with the implicit approval of the copyright holders, who basically like to have their stuff shared and pinned and retweeted all over the internet (at least by consumers) because that gets them attention and ...


If you're going to 'show them to the world' - you need to ask. That's common courtesy and, more importantly, you may not be ingrained in their lives enough to know if there's a serious reason to not want them up and public. (For example, I have a friend who went through a messy adoption and posting pictures of his kids on Facebook could complicate his ...


There isn't a right or wrong answer here unless your local jurisdiction has laws about it. As long as you are reasonable about what you put online, I don't expect there to be any problems as long as the parents aren't complaining about it. Use your judgement and share the photos you spend time and effort to produce. That said, if they were friend's kids ...


What I do on Flickr, which I think works reasonably well: All photos featuring a child are "friends and family" (my children), "family only" (other children in my extended family) or completely private (other people's children). This means that if people do have accounts on Flickr, they get access to the appropriate photos without having to jump through ...


I share via Google Drive or Dropbox with family. There are two options you should consider: (1) Share via Link - This allows anyone with the link to view the photos, but the link is not "public" and, therefore, users without the link won't be able to see the photos and they won't show up in search engine results. I tend to use this option for photos of ...


It depends if the images were released and under what conditions. Generally speaking, in most cases the creator of an image has the copyright for it and it can only be used with their permission except of a select few situations known as "fair use". Fair Use varies by legal jurisdiction and consists of the situations in which it is legally deemed to be in ...


Upload them all to Flickr. The Flickr uploader is very convenient for large number of files, and they give you plenty of free space. People can then like or comment on your photos. You can also share them on Facebook and other sites directly from the Flickr website, or from the mobile app. The site is designed for exactly your purpose - sharing lots of ...


While not a trivial solution, using a WordPress gallery would allow for you to have each image displayed as a post in a gallery and you could enable commenting for each photo. If you wanted to then embed that as meta data, you could extract the comments from the database directly.

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