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I don't know of any "easy" way to fix an image like this. I don't know of any way that could be done purely in Lightroom either, although you could do some tweaking with the shadows and highlights sliders before bringing it into Photoshop for the full correction. It is possible to fix it, however, using a combination of dodge/burn for selective shadow and ...


The easiest way to get an image that looks straight on is to photograph it from as high as possible using a longer focal length, this greatly reduces the effect of not being quite parallel, and prevents objects in the corners from appearing to bulge outwards. I usually use a tripod set to maximum height and a 100mm lens and shoot through the legs. If you ...


I did some experimenting in order to answer basically this for myself in the question Is the Deflector Plate recommended when using a Westcott Rapid Box with the cover on? — where the "Rapid Box" in question is an internal-umbrella style softbox as you describe. Here's one of my experiments from that answer: You can see that with the bare flash, the ...

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