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Best way is to shoot when there are no harsh shadows. Second best is to provide lights to light up the areas in shadow. Either lamps or reflectors (a piece of metal foil placed such as to direct light into a shadowy area can do wonders, experiment). Camera settings and post processing are a distant third as they tend to cause everything to wash out and/or ...


Try to take pictures of the playground during different times of the day. early morning between 6 - 9 morning 9 - 12 afternoon 12 - 4 evening 4 - 6 A photograph taken at different time intervals during the day will give you different shadow angles and different sunlight intensity. If you can do this standing from the same location and placing the camera ...


I'd start by making sure to shoot RAW to give the maximum dynamic range. If that isn't sufficient, then HDR would normally be the next option, but that won't work for an active playground with kids not holding still. A fill flash is a good option, but would require quite powerful of flashes. You could set them up off camera and remote control them, but ...

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