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The Tone Curve is an extension to the basic Sliders and thus provides a greater level of tone and contrast control by allowing the user to modify the various different levels of light within a photograph. One of the most apparent such features is the little circle on the “top Left Corner” of the Curve Box. By clicking on this little circle, the circle will ...


Despite the name of your modifier (Profoto White Softlight 20.5" Reflector), this is no soft light at all. The light source is far away and small enough to produce hard light on the subject. The most common property that makes light hard or soft is how smooth the shadows are. This can be seen from the shadow under the chin on the neck. The shadow has a sharp ...


My short answer is just move the model a little further from the background. The rest are just some additional opinions. An additional thing is subjective, because it is modifying the light style: It is moving the light source a bit to your right. In my opinion the light is a little "plain" because it feels too close to the camera. If you move your ...


Ruined? That's a great photo! (If you were going for a sort of Halloween effect.) The position of the key light – off to the side and elevated – was perfect for this subject, and is typical of how beauty dishes are used. Now, if you didn't want the shadow here are things to consider: Using a single source you can't have the subject against ...


I'm really not seeing a commonality bringing images this blog together. Many of them are high key, but they aren't all; many of them have a raised black-point, but not all do. There's a very wide range of styles. (See How can this brightly colored yet gentle pastel-color effect be achieved? for that.) Some of them have a color cast added (as is often used ...

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