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The confusion here comes in entirely because "35mm" is the common name for the 135 film format, also known as "full frame" — and it happens to be the focal length of the lens you are looking at. The specification is: 35mm equivalent focal length when used with APS-C sensor camera 52,5 And you are reading this as: Equivalent focal length = ...


The Focal Length of a Lens cannot physically be altered. It is the distance between the centre of a Lens and its focusing point, the camera sensor. Therefore, the Sony 35mm Lens has distance of 35mm from the sensor to the lens. (Please note, a lens may have several corrective elements within it, the measure is taken from the final glass nearest to the camera ...


The lens has a focal length of 35mm. Sony APS-C sensors have a crop-factor of 1.5 (same a Nikon - surprise - but different from the 1.6 of Canon's APS-C sensors). So when mounted on a camera with an APS-C sized sensor, the 'equivalent' focal length is 35 * 1.5 = 52.5mm. So this lens on an APS-C camera will have the same field-of-view as a 35mm lens on a ...


What's causing confusion here is that "35mm" in the spec refers to the format (more commonly known as "full-frame"). So the part of the lens spec that states: 35mm equivalent focal length when used with APS-C sensor camera 52,5 Should be read as: Full-frame equivalent focal length when used with APS-C sensor camera: 52.5mm


I would read that as the lens being eqivalent to a 52.5mm lens on a 35mm camera, when attached to an APS-C sensor camera.


The more correct term for this case is "equivalent field of view". The focal length of the lens doesn't change, the crop factor changes. Using a crop-sensor camera with this lens would be the same as using a full-frame camera with the same lens and extracting a crop from the center of the frame with the same size as the cropped sensor.


I was doing this with a <1mW laser on my iPhone 6 camera and now I have a few dead pixels. Don't do it!!

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