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Aperture stays the same and depth of field too, just imagine if you are using film camera and place mask in front of the film (that way you change "sensor" size) the ISO remains the same and exposure remains the same regardless of "sensor" size, it is only controlled by curtains and lens aperture, the crop factor only useful when connected to the resolution ...


Most DSLR cameras have a sign on the top (Plimsoll mark) which looks sort of like The line indicates the position of the sensor plane. I googled for pictures of the 600D. It also has this indicator on the left side of the camera top.


The working principle is the same in both systems. Light makes electrons in silicon 'jiggle about' and the silicon is etched in a way that the jiggling makes those electrons move in the same direction. This process is the same as occurs in solar panels. When the image is 'read' from the sensor, each pixel has the charge measured (how this happens ...


The sensitivity tells you how much signal you're going to get from your camera module for a given light level: specifically, if you expose your module to 1 lux for 1 second, it will generate 5000 electrons. (There's probably some spectral dependence there which is hopefully covered in more detail in the full datasheet). The dark current tells you how much ...


I know the Russian space pencil story is a myth, but I think some of the logic applies here. If you're sending a camera millions of miles away for a multi-year mission, or into orbit where repairs are infrequent, it's worth designing something custom, with appropriate shielding and redundancy. For example, from a description of the Curiosity rover's MAHLI ...


There are companies who have specialized in the production of these cameras, or, more generally, space-proof hardware. Personlly I don't know anything specifically about CCD sensor degredation in space, but a google search on this topic brings up lots of scholarly articles and a book. I think it is a field of active research with many companies competing ...

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