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I probably fall into the ‘non-photographer’ category you’ve mentioned, as I primarily use photography to capture the moment (rather than create compositional art which is what you’re attempting). I have little to no art / compositional background so feel free to ignore / down vote if you disagree with what follows  My initial impression on seeing the ...


To some extent, as others have noted, "power" and "splendor" do mean different things to different people. But to some extent, we do mean more or less the same thing by them, or we wouldn't mostly use the same words to discuss what we mean. Here are a few composition tips that can give a sense of power or splendor. (1) Physical largeness speaks to power, ...


This is where context comes in. Titles or captions are a common approach. By attaching the simple words What Happened? to your image, you tell your viewers that this photograph is a riddle, and they will naturally start to look for clues to answer the question. Or, your title can be something else which hints at a story: The Night Bjarne Stroustrup ...


Very context dependant: Monochrome is often used to ennhance such effects. Add high contrast to monochrome. In some context poor focus or purposeful blurring assists. Maybe a funeral procession or drawing you in to be part of what is happening. Dim and dingy and sidelit and available light and high window and flickering candles etc etc etc .... all help ...


No matter what you do you will never get the answer "what happened" (at least from non-artists) people just don't think like that when they title things. Even if you do manage to create a picture that causes people to think "what just happened here?" when you ask them they will either tell you about the surprising detail (for example, from rfusca's image in ...


I don't think there's any secret formula for these kind of shots. I would just play around with different types of lighting. I know that in cinematography strong top lighting gives a mysterious feeling. When I look at the picture that you have here, I think that the candlelight creates the feeling of a campfire or something to me. You might be able to create ...


Power I think it is more about the context of the image. Take a look at any "most powerful images for year 20xx" and you will see the context and how it plays the part. For example, a little girl crying with the destructive path of a tornado in the background would evoke certain emotions from most people. Another example would be after the recent Haiti ...

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