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It depends a lot on the property in use. If it takes place on public property and they aren't allowed to tell people they can't be there, then there isn't much they can do to stop you, other than threaten to kick your kid out. Unless it is private property, they don't have a right to restrict what you are taking photos of in most cases. That said, it ...


I'm not sure about little league but in the UK it depends on a few things so I will try to explain. There are a lot of sports photo companies that travel to the larger events with several photographers to sell pictures to the parents. These companies will never gain entry without paying to be there and because of their existence, the clubs have learnt that ...


Caveat- I'm not a lawyer, but... It is well established that you have the right to a) take pictures on public property and b) to take pictures of anything and everything you want and that c) you own the copyright for those images. As long as the events are held on publicly owned property, you are in the clear. You should contact your local newspaper about ...

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