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Napioa - Wind Origins
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If you are using a DSLR camera, rent a perspective control (a.k.a., tilt-shift) lens, and use lateral shift. This allows you more control over the placement of the camera in the image while also controlling the view perspective. You can achieve the effect of the camera viewpoint being apparently in front of the mirror, but without seeing the camera in the ...


One of possible setups is illustrated with this image: To take this photo one needs to place camera off-side. Depending on how important the scene is you may cut almost everything and also place camera further from the mirror and use objective with bigger focal length to achieve similar size of head and it's reflection. A model can also stay closer to the ...


How can I do this without the camera showing in the picture? Angles. Imagine a line running down the center of the mirror Stand to one side of the mirror and face the center line. Have someone else stand in the corresponding position on the other side of the line, also looking at the center of the mirror. You'll see the other person, and they'll see you ...


Specific poses are not easy to suggest. It really depends on what you find acceptable. What is useful is to place a mirror opposite where you want to sit or stand. It will let you adjust your pose because you can see how you look. The additional bonus is that it assists you to arrange the background so that your self portait image looks as good as you can ...

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