Sunset in Kruger

by MrFrench

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I've been in the same situation as you and have solved it using two ways: Remote Live View and Magic Lantern. Unfortunately the Magic Lantern firmware is not available (yet) for the 1200D, so I'll explain the first method only. If something is unclear please ask for clarification in the comments, search Photo.SE or ask a new question. Remote Live View This ...


You can increase your f-stop. That way, the depth of field of the photo increases and more of the scene will be in focus. This darkens your image, though. Also, if you'd like some blur in the background, you'll have to keep the f-number low. Additionally you can try to manually focus. That way, the camera won't mess up (you will). As Daniel mentioned, you ...


The way I did it back when I had no remote to trigger: Place some dummy object to focus on, start the timer, then run and replace the dummy with yourself. I'm sure you've got something lying around that you can use for that purpose. Even if it's just a broom leaning against a chair. That of course is just a workaround to get things done. If you're doing ...

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