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In an effort to make this question more about photography… Protip: Change the extension of the GoPro .THM files to .jpg you'll have viewable JPG image files.


The cards are considerably more complicated electronically. Additional power would be needed to drive the ARM processor vs. a typical SD controller. Once you add in Wi-Fi radio and the encryption requirements that come with it you should expect an impact on battery life (though most cards now shut down Wi-Fi when it is not transmitting which helps.) The ...


Yes; I have an EyeFi card and my battery doesn't even stand 50% of its performance. Fortunately I can turn EyeFi-wireless-mode off in my Nikon's D3200 menu. It's described in the user manual here:


Apart from hidden files, it's possible that the filesystem on the SD card has become corrupted. A filesystem keeps a record of all files and what space they occupy on the medium, as well as a record of free space. It's possible to have space unaccounted for (i.e. neither used by a file nor on record as free) and thus "missing". This can happen e.g. when ...

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