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Have you checked file extensions? You might have your camera set in the RAW+JPEG storing mode, producing both .JPG and .NEF file for each shot, showing the same thumbnail for both of them. Also many image viewers would show both of them. Solution: Turn off RAW+JPEG mode and use JPEG only mode. Check page 85 of the Nikon D7000 manual - Image Recording ...


Yes; I have an EyeFi card and my battery doesn't even stand 50% of its performance. Fortunately I can turn EyeFi-wireless-mode off in my Nikon's D3200 menu. It's described in the user manual here:


The write-protect lock on an SD card is a very small plastic slider on the side of the card itself. It should be labeled as such, probably in fine print. (File modified from original on Wikicommons by Afrank99; CC-BY-SA 2.0) As you can see from the arrow in the picture, slide down to lock, or up to unlock. Note that if the switch breaks off, that will ...


Your camera is probably not the best or fastest USB memory card reader you can own, so even if you are using the fastest card you can buy and the camera claims to be using the fastest USB protocol your computer can handle, it's not very likely that it will give you the best data transfer speeds. A high-quality, high-speed external USB card reader (there's no ...


A micro SD to SD card adapter is a passive device, i.e. it does nothing but provide a set of contact points bridging those on the micro SD card and those on the SD slot. That being the case, it should pretty much either work or not work, but won't impact performance... unless you find one of such low quality that the contacts fail to accomplish their simple ...


The cards are considerably more complicated electronically. Additional power would be needed to drive the ARM processor vs. a typical SD controller. Once you add in Wi-Fi radio and the encryption requirements that come with it you should expect an impact on battery life (though most cards now shut down Wi-Fi when it is not transmitting which helps.) The ...


SD cards are very safe when stored in their original plastic container at room temperature in a dry place. The same is generally true of Lithium Ion batteries. Protecting the metal contacts on the SD card and battery will prevent the majority of damage to either device, either through corrosion, physical damage, or electrical short. Storing the memory card ...


Just solved the issue by chance - I used exfatlabel to name my card and voilá it was auto-detected and works fine under Linux and in my 6d:)


I have a K-3 with both the "FLUCARD PRO 16 GB O-FC1" and a "SanDisk Extreme" Class 10 80MB/s 32 GB. The SanDisk stores images about twice as fast as my FluCard. I've figured this with the following test: Erase the memory cards. Set the K-3 to manual exposure, 1/500th, Motor Drive H (9 shots/s). Hold down the shutter for as long as the camera takes ...


From the symptoms you describe a virus is highly unlikely. Physical damage is a high possibility. When placed the card in the wallet, if you then placed the wallet in your back pocket and sat down this could have put significant stress on the card resulting in damage. If this is the case card is probably beyond economical recovery. If there is any ...


Turns out to be a setting in the Registry, look at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies If there is a value WriteProtect, set it to 0, if not, create it as a DWORD and set it to 0 Solution found at


In an effort to make this question more about photography… Protip: Change the extension of the GoPro .THM files to .jpg you'll have viewable JPG image files.


Have you tried doing a full reformat of the memory card? It sounds like it may be taking your camera that long to read files or a file directory that are on the card.


Check contacts on the card and clean them if needed Try reformatting the card using sdformatter, which makes proper and more thorough format than the camera and often helps with similar issues


Doing a full format will do the trick. Go to disk management on your system and right click on it as well as choose to format. That's the best way to ensure that everything is erased on the card and you may start storing photos from scratch. Good luck!!


According to SanDisk the best way to buy a card from an authorized SanDisk retailer... They also say "If you are concern about the authenticity of your SanDisk product, you may contact SanDisk's tech support and select the appropriate tech support option for your product." There are also some articles and videos that help you spot the difference between a ...


I had the same issue. It is a possibility that you have indeed some hidden files. To delete them you should format your storage card. On a canon you can do that in the menu. Click on the menu button Go to the wrench icon which is displayed on an orange background. Go to format Enter it by clicking on the set on your camera You can choose to do a low ...


The clue is in the title of the support article which is "What memory cards have been tested for use in the Nikon D3100?" and not "What memory cards have known to be incompatible with the Nikon D3100?" Nikon are not saying that the 32GB SanDisk cards (SDHC/SDXC) are not compatible, only that Nikon have not tested them. SanDisk appear to have tested their ...


You don't say what operating system or software you are using, but here is my suspicion: some program is configured to detect the insertion of a memory card and to look on that card for new images to import. When you insert the card, it does this, and then automatically unmounts the card so it can be safely removed. If you don't want this, you can probably ...


Well, if it's for something like underage porn, don't bother. It's only a matter of time before you get caught. The sooner the better. Recently reading the history of "Tank Man" though, made me take a closer look at this subject. Tank man is of course the Chinese protester who stopped the entire column of tanks with a simple, nonviolent stand down. The ...

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