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In general the top tier Compact Flash cards available to the typical consumer via retail channels when compared to the top tier Secure Digital cards available to the typical consumer via retail channels are: More rigid and less susceptible to damage from flexing Rated for more extreme environmental conditions (higher altitude, lower temperature, etc.) Have ...


All flash memory systems have their physical enclosure and 2 electronic systems - a controller and flash memory to determine reliability. Electronics Electronically there is no discernible difference because the storage side of flash memory (NAND) is the same across all the types (CF, SD, etc.) NAND at the chip level has a serial interface and relies on ...


You can use an USB hub on your tablet, I have a similar setup with my (rooted) Nexus 7 to read different USB key and it works. However, you may have power issues if you are using a hard drive. The power output of your tablet is probably about 500mA. Check the consumption of your HDD. If it's higher or close to 500mA, you will have to use some external power ...

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