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Note: the links in the list below are likely to go stale, as manufacturers and distributors often change their numbering/indexing; and as parts go out of production. Not knowing which manufacturer(s) provides the CF/SD card connectors for your camera, the best you can do is find datasheet specs from a wide variety of manufacturers, and make your own best ...


Rather than 3d printing a new housing (which has tighter tolerances than many 3d printers can do) you could try taking a scalpel or razor blade to an old or cheap SD card (e.g. I hoard camera kit and could probably may my hands on some 256MB cards). I would try to split it into two flat halves. Then see if you can extract the contents in one piece. There ...


I haven't seen this happen personally, but I have a couple of notes: Maybe I could try to 3D print a new housing Why bother? If you're having issues with the card why not throw it away and buy a new one? Storage is getting cheap these days... this isn't the first time this happened with my Mac's SD card reader You either have something ...

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