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I was wrong assuming brands followed a pattern just because i saw a lot of 38mm dovetail mounts i thought they where some sort of standard. well, to close this, the 50mm wide dovetail is a style compatible with the following brands: Giottos BLQ quick release series. source Dji Ronin. source some Manfrotto which model start with "50". source there are ...


Arca Swiss style mount plates have dovetails, this one doesn't. I think this is a manufacturer specific mount. Please see Michael's answer - even precision made AS style equipment is not guaranteed to be compatible across brands.


There's actually no such thing as an Arca-Swiss Standard. Different manufacturers that make "arc-swiss" products make them in slightly different width, height, and slant variations. Some work with each other with varying degrees of compatibility, others do not. In the case of your tripod release plate, however, it is considerably wider than even the most ...

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