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If you want a copy, from a copy, from a copy... No you do not want that. In every step you lose information. From film to print you lose focus, you lose tones, you manipulate the contrast, you gain additional noise from the paper. From a flatbed scanner from the paper you lose even more information. If you have access to a drum scanner and the job is ...


Your question has two parts and each part has already be answered (at least partially). With a DNG image out of the scanner, you will have to invert the color. Then, regardless of the image format (DNG or TIFF), you will maybe observe a color cast. How to invert color in Lightroom You can have a look at this post : Is there any good method to invert a ...


Yes. Just be sure that: the background is clearly distinguishable from the photos. For 'white/high-key' photos you can use a carefully chosen dark backdrop. Also, be sure that the photos do not overlap (highly recommended) take care to not (accidentally) rotate too much the photos on the scanner's glass You can use Photoshop and/or Gimp - perhaps ...

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