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That is around 2 megapixel. A 35mm negative has at least 6 megapixel of information, so you are not getting a good scan. The scanned image is barely enough to make a print that size. You should have it scanned at a higher resolution to have a bit of latitude.


That's obviously very low — both too low to be useful at beyond 4×6 prints, and much lower than technology allows. I had the same thing happen at a local camera / photo shop, and when I complained, they explained, in the most condescending way possible, that that resolution was completely fine for "all normal uses", and that if I wanted higher-resolution ...


Is a low-resolution scan of B&W negatives expected from a drugstore? Yes, it is a drugstore and not a photography store. Is this impoverished? Yes, 1215x1800 is a low resolution. Do I need to find better scanning technology than Walgreens? I do not know, that is dependent upon your needs. I recently had a batch of 35mm color negatives ...


I've only used them for a minimal amount of work myself but know of LOTS of folks who have had large collections scanned by ScanCafe. I can't speak to their availability for the UK.


I would stay away from using the word "always" as exceptions certainly exist. I would assume that the quality of scanners in most shops is much higher quality then your basic negative scanner, but why don't you just ask them what quality the scans are? Most shops that are legitimate have different levels of scans depending all on what you want(and price of ...


I have been looking for film developers, too. I stumbled upon Ken Rockwell's recommendation of North Coast Photo http://www.northcoastphoto.com/ I haven't used them myself.. so can't speak.


I've used A&I a few times. They have a good reputation and I was happy, though I'm not a film expert by any means. I think you have to pay extra for good scans (the ones I got were fine but nothing special).


Use a chromogenic B&W film; that is, a B&W film that can be developed using the same C-41 process as ordinary colour films. That way, any shop that can develop colour films can also develop your B&W film. Ilford makes such a film called XP2 Super, but other manufacturers make it as well. An alternative is quite simply to shoot colour film and ...


As far as I'm aware the only adjustments Lightroom does when exporting are those that are selected in the Export dialog. You can turn all of these off within the dialog (and can create a preset so you don't have to do it again in the next export by clicking the 'Add' button under the list of presets on the left). The only adjustable setting that can't be ...


I worked in a professional lab for 15 years. With a modern high quality scanner (like the Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner) there will be very little difference between what you get at home and what you get from the lab. The real area where the difference exists is the final product. At Miller's (the lab I worked at), we had every scan cleaned up by a ...

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