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The big question is do you license strictly for stock, or do you also license for assignment? FotoQuote (which is what I use) is 'the industry standard' (self proclaimed though that may be), and truth-be-told that 'fact' does on occasion enter into my negotiation process if I get a balky client: "Well, I don't know Mr. Hip Brand Manager, as you know we use ...


From experience I'd advise that you should not explain anything (politely or otherwise) when it comes to people wanting you to work for free. Explaining things just gets you into a situation where people (usually people who want everything for free) take it as an invitation to challenge your position regarding payment and licencing which will waste your ...


My SmugMug experience as a SmugMug Pro user: Pros A lot of control over your gallery's settings and prices. Excellent customer support. This high level of support on the web is uncommon. The customer's experience is simple and straight forward (as long as you don't overwhelm them different sizes and options). Tons of cool features with the Pro account, like ...


Another approach that will give you a figure appropriate to your region/country (as prices will vary) is to contact several local photographers and ask them for a quote for the same terms on one of their images which is similar and then take the average.


I've used both Photoshelter and SmugMug. Here are some quick thoughts on the two: Photoshelter's Strengths: great online image delivery system for electronic use easier integration with standalone websites (they have some GREAT integration with WordPress sites that use a Graph Paper Press theme) (subjective) generally seen as higher-end and more ...


I was looking for a similar service to easily provide prints for sporting events that I've shot. I checked out sites like SmugMug and PhotoShelter, but they didn't quite have what I was looking for as I already had an extensive self-hosted photo gallery and did not want to re-upload a lot of photos to another site. Then I heard about Fotomoto, which has ...


I would look at options such as RedCart, Pictage, Photocart, Pickpic, or Smugmug as suggested by others. Redcart is the biggie as far as portrait and weding photographers go. This applies to the year 2011. It works nicely with existing portfolio pages and allows customers to proof and choose which images they would like to select from a shoot. It is very ...


How good is the photography scene or contacts you have at the moment? I'm only really able to provide anecdotal evidence as selling art and creative products is difficult everywhere. If you have a thriving photography community, I suggest talking to them and going via word of mouth. Volunteer for free photography exhibitions, ask to be someone's assistant, ...


If what you're really looking for is something like the relative popularity of 50mm f/1.4 vs 50mm f/1.8 lenses, you might look at membership in Flickr groups. For example, I added up the number of members in all the groups whose names started with EF 50mm f/1.4 and the same for EF 50mm f/1.8. The totals were 22008 and 21172, respectively. This doesn't really ...


So, I'm pretty sure the answer is "no, there isn't".

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