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"Upgrade" is in the eye of the beholder. And learning to shoot fast-moving wildlife is not a skill you pick up overnight. Even with the gear. I would also point out that the Canon dSLR bodies tier by the number of digits in their model designation. A XXXXD is actually a downgrade from an XXXD, if you're looking at cameras in the same processor/sensor ...


From the sound of it you should honestly just invest in a nice point and shoot. If you buy a DSLR for the trip you're going to want a zoom that's 200mm or so which can get pricey. And unless you know what you're doing with the camera and can quickly adjust ISO, Shutter, f. stop, etc... you're going to be shooting it in auto mode anyway which would ...


For me, when you go on a safari is really not the time to a) learn a brand new type of camera, b) learn all about wildlife photography technique and field craft, and c) gain supertelephoto photography skillz. That's a lot of knowledge to gain that most of us get only from years of experience. Wildlife photography, like sports photography, is one of the ...

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