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India Point Park
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Ok I don't really understand what he wants to do either but Philip Kendall has a point saying : The answers will be completely different for "show a few photos on my phone >to my family" and "get published in National Geographic" So Ill answer your question and give you my thoughts if it was me . A safari like that is most likely pretty expensive so ...


The lens and camera are probably "good enough", but they're ( of course ) not ideal. Unless you've a very large budget they're as good as you'll get. An ideal system would be much larger ( heavier and costlier ) and be more complex to use ( which is itself a handicap ! ). Better the equipment you know than something you don't. Given that wildlife shots ...


Don't have enough reputation to comment but I totally disagree with Philip. He told us what he wants to do with it. Though to be fair the answer is still subjective. I say absolutely not, 450mm (300mm plus the crop factor since it's an APS-C sensor) will not get you far enough away from tigers. Nikon just released a very affordable 200-500/5.6 which is ...

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