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It's hard to tell with this low quality of image (and one which has presumably undergone some degree of post-processing), but at first glance it appears that the image is not inverted; the reflection in water is below and the real sky is above. That's because it would be quite odd for the water to be brighter than the sky — and because without prompting, one ...


Import the image to Instagram Apply the "Lark" filter Export the resulting image Sorry, but I couldn't resist. I'm not real familiar with the Lark filter in Instagram nor am I familiar with the labels Gimp puts on certain controls, but based on the images above, here are the differences that I see between the first image (which looks much better to my ...


In my opinion there is a total contradiction between this two sentences: Used presets and styles? It's more for learning purpose. 1) A preset and a style can be called "Arizona" or "Pinky dinky" You can probably asume that "Arizona" could have a brownish look and "Pinky dinky" a pink tone. But it says nothing more. It can be a total arbitrary set of ...


Reverse engineering contains word engineer for a reason. Those tools are non-existent for a number of reasons: even small number of modifications may be applied in an astonishing amount of orders - N!. 6!=120 orders of applying only 6 adjustments even if the modification software is known. Even Paint.NET has a magnitude more adjustments than that there is ...


I think it could be Topaz Glow.


You don't require multiple photos. if you can see the angle between known landmarks you can use Resection, a triangulation technique used for surveying. As long as you can see 3 items whose location you know and you can measure the angle between them then you can calculate the exact location of the photo. There is a nice paper I saw from the University ...

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