Sunset in Kruger

by MrFrench

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If you have Photoshop you can get results like this with "Selective Color" tool. open up your image go to layers window (F7) click add adjustment layer in bottom menu of layers window select Selective Color and go to the Properties Tab (should be open by default) choose Blacks in Colors drop down menu move Yellows down to -10 (or below) and Black up to ...


This look is a result of reducing the contrast of the blue channel, making the shadows bluer and the highlights less blue. You can do this with any curves or levels adjustment tool that lets you work on a single channel. Start by raising the low end until you get the amount of blue in the shadows that you want. Depending on how warm the lighting in the ...


My guess is that this shading is a result of adjusting the color temperature when processing RAW files. If you don't have RAW files to work with, but you have Photoshop or similar, you could create a layer and fill it with a shade of blue and then use the multiply blend mode while adjusting opacity for a similar effect.


Although you can't capture the true beauty of sunset light you can do a somewhat realistic effect in Lightroom. You need to scroll down on the sidebar until you reach split-toning. In there you should see sliders. You then set the highlights to a gold-ish colour (you can tweak this) change the balance to something in the region of 60-100. and the shadows to ...

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