Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper

Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper
by andy-m                

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The look you are desiring is as much about the light being shot and the exposure levels chosen as it is about the film itself. Instax seems to be fairly low contrast, less saturated, and slightly cooler in temperature than what most digital cameras output by default. But if you look for photos tagged with "Instax" on flickr, you quickly see the wide variety ...


The Canon CL 8-120mm f/1.4-2.1 lens was designed to be used with the Canon EX1/EX2 Hi8 Video Camera with a VL mount. Canon also had a EOS to VL mount adapter so EF lenses could be used on these cameras. I would expect the pin arrangement should be the same as for an EF lens. The bad news is that the sensor size for the Canon EX1 was 1/2" which is ...


You can get a result like this by creating a duplicate layer on Photoshop, and giving it a Gaussian Blur, then lowering the opacity of that layer. This gives the image a radiant glowing effect. Also, Joshua Cripps does a good tutorial on this effect. Hope this is the effect you're looking for


If you look you'll see that the off-colour parts are at the lower end of the brightness range ( darker ) and their is also evidence of a flare on the right hand side of the image. The combination of these things probably threw your auto white balance off a bit and the darker pixels, which are more prone to error anyway, got thrown off the most. This has ...


IF the photo was taken at sunset almost exactly as the direct view of the sun vanished then you MAY have inadvertently caught the "green flash" which occurs as the sun sets. This is a hard to photograph phenomenom and can be as vivid as your photo shows - but usually isn't. If this IS a "green flash" you have got an extremely good one. As a ...


There is a match color setting in Photoshop . Open image 1 then image 2 (make certain both images are in RGB mode) . Choose Image > Adjustments > Match Color... and select image 2 from the Source pull-down menu. Match Color reads the color statistics from Beach Sunset and applies them to image 1 . Now this only does colors match . In your examples there ...

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