Alley in Pisa, Italy

by Lars Kotthoff

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As in many cases the key to reverse engineering the light lies in the catchlights (reflections of the original lighting in the subject's eyes): Here we can see that a single hard (no diffuser) lightsource was placed above and to the right of the subject (as the camera sees it). There were no other lightsources on the subject, but in many of the images a ...


My understanding of subtractive lighting is such that you take control of natural ambient lighting by reducing or reflecting it. This work looks more like it was taken indoors, and more in line with low-key photography, essentially photography in which shadows are the predominant part of the photo. The basic setup is a very dark room, one strong light, ...


Not a direct answer to your question. Still it is worth to take a look at the following for histograms and highlight clipping: Understanding Histograms in Photography Evaluating Your Images—Histograms CAMERA HISTOGRAMS: TONES & CONTRAST CAMERA HISTOGRAMS: LUMINOSITY & COLOR Reading the histogram

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