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I did some experiments on a 9mm pistol barrel, which is 20% narrower than the .45 used in the reference photo. The barrel I used was potentially 1 inch longer than his (I used a 5.3"; he may have used a standard 5" 1911 or a 4.25" Commander-length). I used a 300mm lens placed at the minimal focal distance (5 feet) and ran it with minimal aperture ...


When reverse engineering a lighting setup always apply the principal of Occam's Razor: among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected Before introducing exotic lenses or beam splitting mirrors, let's examine the requirement for the incoming light to be perfectly aligned ...


The photographer shows and discusses his lighting set up here: Also, he mentioned elsewhere that he uses focus stacking.


Another possibility is that it could be actually two exposures edited into one. For the hole, a long exposure could be used that captures the ambient light and from the tip outside is a regular exposure. It could also be a very long lens with two or more light sources on opposite sides of it to avoid shadows, again with two exposures, because the rest of ...


I can see two possible ways this shot was done: Light was injected where the cartridge would go. We can't really see what is back there in the picture. Some LEDs could have been carefully placed inside or almost inside the gun, and the wires run so that they would be obscured in the picture. A beam splitting mirror was used. The camera was looking thru ...


This is just a guess and may not be the way these photos were created, but one way to produce such a shot would be with a mirror lens. A mirror lens is a catadioptric system similar to a Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov telescope. All of these systems have a fairly large secondary mirror placed in the center of the main objective lens and all of the light ...

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