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Have a DOG sniff out blur in the photos. If you're going to be penalizing for digitally enlarged photos, you might as well penalize for out-of-focus photos too. The blurred edges and details in both cause the same bad experience for viewers, regardless of whether it is caused by a small original or poor focus. What you want to do is detect blur, which is an ...


I do not that this is possible in the general sense. There are many possible upscaling algorithms, with a signature that may be difficult to detect unambiguously without knowledge of the image content (as an extreme example, an upscaled area of uniform colour is still uniform colour...). Possibly an option would be to calculate a metric for image ...


The first example looks like it was shot on a film, possibly a portrait type negative. You could try some film presets to replicate it. If that does not do the trick, try adding KR or Skylight filter effect. I don't see anything notable on the second picture, except the shallow depth of field and limited color scale given by the subject and the background. ...


There aren't any tricks here, Lightroom or otherwise. Take a photo of a colorful subject in reasonably bright lighting, and you're done. In the first image, of a woman in front of a colorful shell castle, it's possible that there is a light curves adjustment to bring out what would otherwise be shadows on the models' face. (It's also possible that there is ...


The softness is not a Lightroom settings change. It is restricted depth of field, created by opening up the lens' aperture to various degrees. The strength of this effect appears (!) greater in your second example. To see if you can create it with a typical cheap kit lens, I tried to replicate that sort of scene here, using a 28-105mm f/3.5 lens racked out ...


It seems like these photo's are pretty well balanced. However the whites are a bit increased and the vibrance is a little higher than standard. If necessary you could also lower the clarity a bit to soften the image and turn up the highlights to get the high contrast/whites.

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