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Well, it's four years now and as we all know, digital sensors are being packed with way much more photosites than ever. With today's technology, in a given format size, a digital sensor is far much better than film in terms of noise and resolution. Please notice the "given format size." I have scanned film negatives and I find that my Nikon D5500 (24MP) ...


Ideally, output sharpening is always dependent on the target medium. Optimal quality needs an image which was resized and sharpened for the intended viewing conditions. A high-res display needs a larger image than a low-res display, and a screen needs differnt sharpening than a print, all of which should, eg., be handled automatically by the Lightroom ...


Let's get this straight - you're looking to double the amount of sharpening work in your workflow to provide differently (and manually tailored, because otherwise you're wasting your time) content for a small population who... are mac users possess the type of display you're targeting have that display calibrated properly were aware that they were ...


This is a partial answer. For a 36"x24" poster it is ok the 5400 x 3600 px size. You have a 150 ppi file which is good. Probably you can go to 200 ppi (7200 x 4800px), but the diference is not very noticable, using a magnifier inclusive. In my opinion you don't need 300 ppi at all. The main point for thoose resolutions are the printer resolution and ...


I have found the free waifu2x very good for upsizing images. You can try an online demo. It uses "Deep Convolutional Neural Networks" to predict what the missing image data should be. It works better for line art, but is definitely acceptable for photos.


If you want them to be smaller, you can lower the resolution. The setting is where you see "Raw+F" on this image, you could change yours to "Medium". http://www.gadgetguy.com.au/cms/wp-content/uploads/nikon-d3300-review-2014-06-08-450x230.jpg


Rule of thumb: you never have enough resolution. You should always keep the original files that come out of the camera the way they are. If you need smaller or otherwise modified versions, create copies of the originals and apply those modifications to the copies. If you shoot RAW (which you should), this is usually the case, as the RAW files aren't image ...


Photos are displayed at 2048px on their longest edge. Have a read on 500px support page for more details.

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