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Napioa - Wind Origins
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Whatever, stick to viewing on 100%. Plus take that extra measure of saving for the web if that's where the image is destined.


The term sharpness is directly related to contrast - a detail (colour transition) being sharp means that the brightness ratio between adjacent regions is high. This one is not sharp because the brightness changes smoothly across the image. This one is sharp though. Another pair of examples. This is sharp. And this, the version scaled down by 66% in the ...


No the opposite is the case, the higher the true resolution* the more details you've see, and the more details the more sharp the images appears. Although sharpness is limited by the display's resolution, downscaling will still make the images appears sharper when it's higher resolution. *true resolution is not just the resolution of the image, but the ...


Say a 2000 by 3000px photo is reduced to 1000 by 2000px. Would the smaller image appear to be sharper? No. Sharpness is limited by the display's resolution -- the number of pixels per inch. If you want to increase the make the displayed image seem sharper, you need to increase the display resolution. You can (sort of) do that not by making the image ...

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