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There are several types of "editing". For example: 1) Just adjusting contrast, brightnes, etc. Advantages on doing it on a larger file. None. 2) Sharpening must be done on the final image, for example on your 500x500px one. 3) If you need to get detail from an image, for example take a specific sample on some point of the image to make the white balance, ...


If you mean scaling: You should do most of your edits on the original image size. That way you edit once and resize/reuse the final result for print (large size) and viewing on the screen (smaller size). If you do the edits on your 500x500px, you need to do it all over again for print and again in few years when resolution of displays increases and you will ...


You will not get the same result at all. When you start with your 2000x2000 pixel image you have some scene or subject in it. If you crop it down to 500x500 pixels then you will only have 1/16th of the subject in it. However if you have a 500x500 with the same but lower resolution content, you will have an entire subject. What you can do instead is scale ...

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