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From my experience, accurate colour reproduction comes from getting it right in camera first. This is how I would approach the scenario: Set the camera up properly - Use a lense that minimises vignetting and other unwanted distortions. Make sure it's of a focal length that means you're not of a distance that is uncomfortably close to the canvas. Shooting ...


Given your update, I would offer that color with digital photography is as much a problem of mathematics as it is getting proper illumination and white balance when actually making the photograph. Your camera senses light, separates that light into discrete collections filtered into certain ranges of wavelength (reds, greens, and blues). Depending on the ...


Here's the problem with photographing paintings: Cameras are RGB devices that don't see the way humans see. So there is going to be problems matching colors in a painting, because a camera that's profiled using a target like a color checker, is most accurate on those pigments and colors...in the color checker. There is a scientific phenomenon called the ...


Since this is a homework question I prefer not to give a direct answer (especially as there is a near duplicate), but as I read it, the task set is "what is the best way that you can think of to do this". It is not "what is the bare minimum/cheapest way to do this" On that basis, these are some questions you may want to ask yourself about the answer ...

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