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Edit: I wrote a Gimp script that does the steps below, and another one for Ilmaris answer. Both scripts are available for download on GitHub. The suggested way to go is this one. I’m answering this right here because I have been searching for a solution for quite some time and found a simple and working one. Let’s get to the result right away: Create a ...


The method I've used myself is similar to yours, but uses the Resynthesizer plug-in (for GIMP) or Content-Aware Fill (for Photoshop) to reconstruct the gradient: Create a selection that completely covers the drawing. You can do this by hand, or you can use high-pass filtering to compute a selection mask like this: Start by using an edge-detection filter ...


This answer describes the fastest reliable approach I know atm, based on the answer by Ilmari Kanoren. It is semi-automatic; the automatic mask does not work for hard images like the one below because there are no edges in some parts of the drawing. This Gimp script automates steps 3 and 4 (note that Resynthesizer is required), so the workflow is just: ...


This is the photography forum, so I will take a photographic approach. Of course for a perfect white you probably still need some post production tweaks. Instead of using a flash you can try using natural light. Avoid direct sunlight, don't stay too close to the window either, but like 2 meters away from the window. This is to reduce the difference in light ...

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