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From the symptoms you describe a virus is highly unlikely. Physical damage is a high possibility. When placed the card in the wallet, if you then placed the wallet in your back pocket and sat down this could have put significant stress on the card resulting in damage. If this is the case card is probably beyond economical recovery. If there is any ...


quick fix: no way. Certainly not with the information you provide. As is, if you drop a camera from that height the best assumption is that it's dead as a dodo, probably cracked and otherwise damaged components throughout, stuff out of allignment, etc. etc. etc. Get a new one, and be more careful with it. Sending it in under warranty with some fake story ...


Some basic troubleshooting you can do, with anything really, is to systematically test everything you can control. In this case I would try it with/without different batteries and memory cards, try different buttons to see if you can get a response out of the screen. Try the DoF button to see if that causes anything to happen in the lens. Try different mode ...


How much time has passed since you bought the lens? How do you know it was damaged through shake? Is it noticeable externally? If it looks damaged on the outside you may forget your warranty. If not, activate the warranty and wait for a free repair. I guess it's always repairable, since they can fully replace the lens' motor. It only depends how much you ...


There is a SAL1855 service manual here Actual link is via "Get Manual" at lower left of page - appears authentic. 40 pages in English and 78 total. Attempting to just copy download address directly failed - they control free downloads to 2 per day and that is probably part of their mechanism for doing so. It would be interesting to see what else they have. ...


It really all depends on where you are. I would avoid using a camera retailer, because they usually send the gear to the manufacturer. If you're anywhere near Michigan, I'd recommend either Oakland Photographic Repair or Midwest Camera Repair. Midwest RARELY ships gear to other facilities, and they do repairs in a timely manner. Oakland Photographic Repair ...


This may help. It's not exactly what you wanted to hear but it's probably better than what the camera shop has advised. How to remove a stuck Canon 50mm 1.8 lens from your camera Note that this may not be what has happened in your case, but it sounds very similar. He says - What happens is that there is a snap on plastic dust cover on the mount end of ...

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