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Napioa - Wind Origins
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The camera lens is made of various lens elements. If it consisted of only a single simple lens, the image produced is degraded by 7 major defects called aberrations. Additionally the one called a color aberration has two different errors. Aberrations are mitigated by constructing the lens using several lens elements. Each has a different shape (power) and ...


If you are certain the issue is not user error, and have tried the lens on another working camera body, you need to call the service center and discuss your concerns with them.


First thing to double-check is the batteries. How are you testing the health of the batteries? And have you put them through enough cycles to know they're fully charged? (New is never a guarantee of good). Are you sure they're all in the right way? Is there enough tension on the door to hold them in? (Broken battery door tabs are the bane of the more ...


It's a Yongnuo. They work until they don't. Then you replace them. Kind of like a disposable razor.

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