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Helicoils can be successfully used in many mechanical situations, but I'd be very worried that it will not work well on your 1Ds. Installing a Helicoil is fairly simple: you tap out the existing threads with a special oversized tap, and then insert the new coil of threads into the now larger hole. Most of the effort is in cutting the metal to make the new ...


The mounting hole on the bottom of the camera should be a "blind nut" style hole - meaning you should be able to replace the whole metal part, but you're gonna have to get way inside the camera to do it, so it's probably not something you want to do yourself. I don't know the design of that one enough to answer - it might be easy, it might be hard. It might ...


From my comment on the question: I would assume that it's "mechanical device service", and probably just an internal code for tracking the cost of the labor to do the service.


This malfunction can be caused by a variety of component failures, so it is impossible to know for sure without opening up the lens. You can try cleaning the electrical contacts, but it is also possible that there is an electronic or mechanical fault with an internal component. For example, there could be a problem with the circuit board. Or there could ...


There's a focus limiting switch - so that when you're doing macro work, it won't hunt through the whole range. Look over the lens and find the switch and turn it off.


Generally 4 weeks for a repair turn-around is minimal. The camera has to be sent, wait to be seen, order the parts, perform the repair, test and ship it back. In many cases, complex parts may need equipment which is not available locally and the camera has to take a trip to Asia and back. That makes it spend 3 or more weeks in transport alone. Sorry but you ...

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