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Your best to phone your lens manufacturer and try and explain the part you want to replace. They will have a far greater knowledge of the components that make up the lens. They will also be able to provide you with the parts sometimes at no cost.


Yes. The shutter is jamming, i.e. not opening/closing fully. It "probably" will need servicing. I had this happen recently on holiday, after I dropped it. The shutter went out of alignment, Which I could see with the lens removed. But with the help of a table knife, and gentle pushing, I was able to free it. It seems to be OK since, but TRY AT YOUR OWN ...


You have two options basically, you can try to repair it yourself or you can go to any camera shop that performs general repairs. If you try to do it yourself I would recommend a tool such as this Camera Lens Vise Tool. Keep in mind that CPLs are multiple pieces of glass and quite fragile. With proper it can likely be repaired, but there is a chance of ...


If you've already: charged the battery properly with no results Removed the lens and checked/cleaned the electrical contacts on both the lens and the camera mount removed the main battery (as well as any small backup battery that allows the camera to maintain settings and time & date when the main battery is removed) and then allowed the camera to sit ...


For warning - lenses are dead to both Zeiss and Canon if they get fungus. No repair, only trash and replace. Keep it away from your other lenses to keep it from spreading.


Damp in the air is the worst factor. Anything over 60% humidity is enough for the spores to germinate, and ruin your camera... I've seen mould that has encompassed the entire camera before now, when I bought an old Zenith that had been stored in an old, canvas tent... That's actually made my flesh crawl, to remember that! I am curious to know which types of ...

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