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Contact service or give it a rest. I understand how much you are unwilling to do so, but you should let a pro to fix your lovely camera.


Figured it out, there is a tiny black button (that looks like a screw) next to the bottom right screw in this photo, that is the button to press to release the slide. I kept pressing the giant button in the upper left thinking that clearly had to be the release :p


SEWING MACHINE OIL (get at fabric store like JoAnne Fabrics) I have 3 B+W CPL filters (purchased from B&H so pretty sure not fakes) and after a few years all became stiff. I sent one back to B+W and they replaced it for free but then a couple of years later it too was stiff. What I finally did was to use a drop (no more) of sewing machine oil on the ...


According to this dpreview thread, you can just get a replacement rubber replacement ring on eBay/Amazon and pull off the old one and pull the new one on. It's simply friction fit, so it's basically just like playing with a big rubber band; no need to disassemble the lens. It doesn't look like they're original Nikon parts, but for the low cost and high ...

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