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Don't have it repaired if they will not offer a warranty on the repair - sea water is extremely corrosive and they might be able to get it working only for it to fail days or weeks later. It would help if you could tell use the repair cost. EDIT - 280USD for the repair - how much for the used 1100D?


The T3 is a very basic entry level camera. As you progress in your photography you might find that it is missing some features that you will want to use. I would not spend any money repairing it as it will be cheaper to buy a used one. My advice is to buy a used 500D/T2i, 550D/T3i, or even 600D/T4i. Just get whatever you can afford. These cameras have ...


Most Nikons that I have taken apart use the flip-up type ribbon connectors, you have to flip up the top edge, insert ribbon and flip down. If you tried just pushing it in flat its unlikely to have gone in far enough. This is a very common type of connector on electronics (Laptops, cameras etc)


With the information you are giving, it's hard to tell if the camera can still be repaired, but it is likely still repairable. 1: When you look through the viewfinder, you don't see parts of the image sensors. Also the sensor can not really move as far as I know. It's more likely that either the shutter moved or the mirror moved. 2: When you remove the ...


Cameras are nothing, pictures are everything. The most important thing to do is to keep taking pictures. Rent a replacement unit. Get some disposable cameras if necessary. Verify the usability of the pictures that your camera now takes. But you see how this is point two right? If you haven't got a replacement for it, don't even bother investigating any ...


I was just wondering is it meant to be there or is it manufacturing error? It's definitely intentional -- it's the same in the viewfinder and on the top LCD on my Canon 6D. However, the icon on the Battery Info page on the main screen lacks the open spot. My educated guess is that the hole in the battery icon provides access for the conductors that ...


That's how it's meant to look. Refer the manual from Canon's website, page 23: Refer also p36: the top LCD should be the same.


Given that the HS300 is an ELPH, I think it's unlikely that there's a separate clock battery. Quite a few cameras don't have one. But if it does, there will be a separate little compartment in the battery compartment itself. (See: ifixit guide for replacing a clock battery on the A590) What's more likely to be the issue is that the spring loading on the ...

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