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Usually connectors are "keyed" so they'll only go in one way, but it sounds like you got the wiring installed incorrectly. Check all the connectors between the camera and screen to be sure that they are inserted the right way and that you haven't forced any in backwards.


Ad 1a : What kind of "food" does it find in a glass element? Dust. There is dust inside your lenses. It's almost never visible on the photos, sometimes you can see some of it by shining flashlight from the other side, but the dust is there. Some of it is biological (including fungi spores) and this is what fungus eats. This is why it's so important to ...


Fungus is just a biological, er, thing, which will grow when the conditions are right. Sorry for the poor information, I just wanted to say: untreated fungus can etch the coating on your lens and therefore damage it permanently. Better do something about it.

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