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It should be possible. Most LCD displays are simply parts that can be unplugged, removed, and replaced. See this German youtube video demoing the disassembly of an SZ-11. Around the 1:30 mark, you'll see how the LCD display is removed during disassembly.


The driven part of the AF coupling in the lens should be easy to turn for the entire travel. Most of the mechanical parts that make the AF happen are toward the front of the lens, so removing the lens mount and poking around isn't likely to net you anything. In your situation, I'd send it in if you can't get a refund. $200 for the lens plus $375 for Nikon ...


Are you sure you don't have the focus limiter switched on? It signals the lens that you want to focus either close, or at a distance, and prevents the lens from "hunting". If you turn off the focus limiter, the lens should focus from it's nearest point out to infinity. If you switch to manual focus, does it get sticky as you get to the 10m mark?


You could, in a REALLY amateur method pick up black paperboard and precisely cut out a circle in the center to obtain a smaller aperture, but of course this is a really rough way and no high quality at all can be expected. The cut paperboard, if it is thin enough and the outer circle is cutt precisely, can be placed inside the bottom of the lens between the ...

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