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For about $30, you can pick up a pair of Yongnuo YN-603C flash triggers that just happen to also function as remote shutter releases. They're cheap, they work great, and they do double duty in my bag. What's not to love? Just make sure you order the shutter release cord that matches your camera - all Canon's don't use the same plug for this.


Does your mobile phone have an IR sender, or supports USB OTG? If so, you can simply download cheap or even free apps to remote control your camera.


Back in 2013 PocketWizard announced a hot shoe cable for the first time which somewhat addresses your concern. It is the HSFM3 and can be found here. PocketWizard also offers the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 with both mount directly to the hot shoe. I assume that the reason that PocketWizard prefers PC Sync connectivity vs Hot Shoe is that adding additional height ...


No, you have to have another RT unit on the camera hotshoe to use the remote shutter release capability of Canon's 2012-and-later cameras. The built-in flash cannot work for this, as it has no RF capability--only optical (i.e., it blinks out light signals, but can't blip out/receive radio signals). It might be easier to just get cheap radio triggers to be ...


The question of Rowland Shaw is a pertinent one. The battery level indeed seems to have an impact on the size of an individual focussing step. At least, that was my observation when I was trying to automate landscape focus stacking with Magic Lantern. As my first objective was to simply count the number of steps of a full throw (i.e. from close to infinity), ...


Dead batteries would. :) (Making it an answer, since it apparently was the answer.)

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