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You can use also the Nikon ML-L3 infrared remote for exposures up to 30 minutes. A press on the button opens the shutter and a second one closes it, see page 73 of the manual. The 30 seconds mentioned on page 81 are the maximum delay between the first press of the button on the remote and the opening of the shutter when the remote control mode is remote ...


For that I use a Hähnel Combi TF wireless remote. Bulb mode, and hold the button on the remote. Releasing the button does the click...


It may not possible to do what you want with the D7000 and a wireless remote. The D7000 User Manual is inconclusive on this point. Page 73 indicates you can take exposures up to 30 minutes with the remote, but page 81 seems to say that when in Remote release mode the shutter will close after thirty seconds or when you press the button again, whichever occurs ...


This is what I do or at least tried and it works. I have a Canon 450D DSLR. I enable mirror lock up in the camera functions. Now on my 3rd party timer remote I set the delay for 10 seconds with say 1 minute exposures (I do fixed tripod astrophotography using a barn door tracker on my tripod and the camera on a ball mount attached to the barn door tracker) ...


The IR remote has a fairly wide beam and if your conditions are right, you could use it to trigger multiple cameras. I often use it for "selfies" and I don't even have to aim it at the camera really. It will even bounce off walls so I can stand 'behind' the camera and still use it in some cases. I don't think it works in bright sunlight but I haven't tried ...

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