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The IR remote has a fairly wide beam and if your conditions are right, you could use it to trigger multiple cameras. I often use it for "selfies" and I don't even have to aim it at the camera really. It will even bounce off walls so I can stand 'behind' the camera and still use it in some cases. I don't think it works in bright sunlight but I haven't tried ...


I use a Pixel TW-282 with my 5D Mark iii and it works pretty well. The big difference is build quality. For example, there was a minor problem with the connector on the receiver I got. I had to loosen one of the screws a bit to get a reliable connection to the remote port on my 5D Mark iii. Additionally, there is a bit more lag than there would be with ...


On the back of the camera press the left arrow, this will access to the drive mode. In all exposure modes this will give you an option that says 10sec/Remote control. It does not require a remote control, but allows one. If you press the on camera shutter or a wired remote this will delay the shutter by 10 sec. Using the infra red remote on this setting ...


No, the EOS Remote app does not have a press-and-lock feature for bulb-mode shooting, like, say, the Triggertrap app does. However, the Triggertrap app is unlikely to work for you, either, given that you need two smartphones to use the wi-fi feature for triggering, as well as a camera shutter cable and dongle. Your best bet is, as has been mentioned, to ...


Looks a lot like the Pixel Oppilas remote; you can find it on Amazon. Pixel makes the shutter release cables with nearly any connector you could need. Basically, most of the folks who make cheap flash radio triggers also make cheap radio shutter releases as well. If you already have cheap radio flash triggers (e.g., Yongnuo RF-603II triggers, Cactus V5, ...


A free tethering solution which support Nikon and Canon cameras [Disclaimer: I'm the developer]


Depending on your needs you probably could get away with a super cheap IR remote and Magic Lantern. Magic lantern will let you do stuff from timelapses to dual-iso/hdr shots and more. Search google for magic lantern, go to the main site and read about it to decide if it's for you.

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