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Unfortunately, selfie sticks are manufactured with very different designs one from another and with very wide range of standards (i.e. you can get worthless garbage or overbuilt luxury), so it is highly difficult to know all possible connection/activation mechanisms. Use with smartphones A huge number of s. sticks are made for smartphones, meaning that ...


We were able to get it working by dropping the shutter speed to 1/2 second for all the slave cameras and 1/4 for the master camera. The strobes are at 1/1000. This worked perfectly and it seemed like whatever the variability of the camera's shutter speed was too much for 1/60, 1/30 or 1/15.


Are you triggering via USB or just pulling the images via USB? From the BreezeSys website: How accurately can the cameras be synchronized? For best results the cameras should be set to manual focus and triggered via the remote release sockets. The figures below are for guidance purposes only. Please see this page for more information. ...


I use my d3100 with a HDMI monitor to record videos and take pictures all the time. Not sure about what the user manual says about it, but works well for me (tip: live view turns off after 30 seconds but this can be changed in camera menu). Live view with USB is not possible with D3100, as far as I have been able to research. Other than that, Digicam ...

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