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It has become a valuable tool for me, not forcing me to physically try to get that lower angle shot during shooting in front of stages.Hold the screen in left hand,(portrait mode)and move camera body at the pivot point,looking at the screen to find my target.Also that method of use comes in handy in other situations where a lower angle shot is desired.


One solution for this is to use a hood. It's basically a black box that you place on your display. You look into it through a little eye piece that often also magnifies. Take a look at what's available at B&H for example. As you can see, making the image brighter is not a good solution. It will eat up more battery while still being unable to compete ...


So, you can't — there's no option for this. However, if you use the EVF only + eye sensor mode, and then press the DISP button while looking at the rear screen, it will a cycle between: no-distraction live view (only showing the scene) live view with shooting info (aperture, ISO, focus mode, etc., as configured in the settings menu) a black and white ...

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