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Just to present an opposing view, since I appear to be in the minority: I strongly dislike flippy screens. My definition of usability is if I can use it while wearing my heavy winter gloves, or while flying in a helicopter, or both; I think it's a feature that may look cool on store shelves, but not while climbing a mountain. To me it just seems ...


Read the histogram, not the image on the LCD. In addition to errors because of screen brightness vs ambient brightness, the image on your screen is corrected by your camera before showing it on the screen. Most cameras allow you to adjust that, to remove saturation/sharpening adjustments, but you're still trying to judge your raw image based on an "edited" ...


Histogram is the best way to judge. How are you shooting? If you're shooting in JPEG, you should check your camera settings to see if you have the brightness turned up or contrast down or something strange like that. Assuming you're shooting in raw and opening the files in something like lightroom, then you're probably actually overexposing. Because ...


Depending on what camera you use, under exposure may not be a problem at all. Typically most modern serious sensors give you a lot of leeway in downward latitude. You can always readjust your exposure in lightroom if you shoot raw. I have successfully pushed the raws from my camera by 3 stops (although I don't recommend that!). But digital sensors are ...


yes you can! I did it one time, my D5100 was completely under water, and the screen was full of water. I solved it by drying it with hair dryer! just make sure you don't overheat it. good luck!


Trying to completely dry the camera certainly won't hurt. But the fact that the problem hasn't already gone away doesn't bode well. I guess the big question is if it's the camera's electronics or the LCD itself. Inspect the screen very closely to see if there are any tiny cracks- moisture could have gotten in but not been able to get out. If you see any, ...

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