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...or get a tripod and set a delay for 2 sec and wait of a bright day to let natural light inside. This will give authenticity to your photographs.. Of course you will need some photoshop touch before putting it online.


Exposure fusing is a different technique of combining images than HDR algorithms. So, it's basically having another way of doing a similar task. Photomatix, for example, performs both exposure fusing and HDR. What an HDR technique is doing is to remap the values of the set of images along a scale large enough to encompass the entire high dynamic range, ...


There is not a whole lot of difference between the two. While Enfuse does have the ability to set certain weights for contrast, saturation and exposure, it does not have any options to do manual tone mapping. That is important if you want to be able to tweak how the intermediate 32-bit HDR images will turn out before it is exported out as a 16-bit TIFF file ...

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