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I'm assuming you mean this: Raynox DCR-2025, Pro 2.2x Telephoto Lens for Digital Still Cameras. In this case, beware of the word "pro", as it doesn't mean anything — Raynox just sticks that on all of their similar products to make them sound fancier. It's also disingenuous and confusing for Raynox to call this a "telephoto lens", because it isn't really. ...


I have a G3, and have really enjoyed using my 3 Pentax K mount lenses with it. Apart from the physical adapter, you will also need to tell the camera to "Shoot without lens" in the REC menu. Apart from the cost savings, you will also get benefits from those old lenses. They are mechanically much more solid, and also (at least for primes) even if you give you ...


As long as the thread size of the magnifier and the lens match, there will be no 'compatibility' issues - it's just a screw thread after all. The flash is a different matter however. If the magnifier is a straightforward screw on type you shouldn't have a problem, but if clips on you may face difficulties. Personally I wouldn't use a magnifier filter in ...


You can mount pretty much anything on a m43 system using the right mechanical adapters, but that doesn't mean ergonomics are going to make it a practical option, specially on a camera with limited controls like the GF3. You view through the viewfinder as with any m43 lens, but will be working in aperture priority mode. You can trigger manual focus assist, ...


With a macro converter like the DCR 250 you are going to be trying to balance between getting a workable depth of field (creatively interesting, but challenging) with longer lenses, and getting rid of vignetting when shooting wide. I've found similar setups require a lot of care in setting up, but your stock lens should, especially when racked out, be able ...


I have just written a focus-bracketing script for closeup lenses, including the Raynox 250. Here is a link to my article, which contains documentation of the script as well as the script itself: http://www.dpreview.com/articles/9780512447/focus-bracketing-scripts-for-macro-setting-and-for-closeup-lenses Here is another link to some outdoor stacked images ...


Remember that when using non-MFT lenses on a GF3 (I use old Pentax-K ones) you lose stabilisation, and both the f-stop (older lenses with aperture ring are best) and focus need to be set manually on the lens. As mentioned, "Shoot without lens" needs to set, and Aperture priority (or Manual) mode. Mine works well with a sharp 50mm f:1.4 and a FOTGA PK-M4/3 ...


I have a GF3 with a micro 4/3 -> Pen-F adapter and a 1:1.2 44mm Olympus H Zuiko Lens I took off an old Olympus Pen-F camera. Works great in manual mode for photos. For video I have been unable to activate deshake so handheld videos are unusable. Which is really annoying as deshake is active for the preview when I'm not filming...

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