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5472 × 3648 pixels at quality=81 One of the ways to check: exiftool -b -previewimage -w jpg canonraw.cr2 This will extract the preview from canonraw.cr2 file and write it next to the canonraw.cr2 file as canonraw.jpg. Next, run imagemagick/identify over the canonraw.jpg like this: identify -verbose canonraw.jpg | grep 'Quality\|Geometry' exiftool: ...


A lot of people would like it, unfortunately raw date is only available in Android since Lollipop, and then only if the phone manufacturers support it in their drivers. Any software on a phone is dependant on the hardware access layer (firmware), and if it isn't implemented there, there isn't really a chance to access the data. To clarify, the jpeg ...


Even though the files from your new 7DII are in the .cr2 format, the data in a raw file is always sensor specific. That is, each different sensor design must be demosaiced/converted differently to get the same standardized results. Lr 3 is a while back. The latest version of Adobe Camera Raw (which is used by Lr to demosaic raw files) that is compatible ...


Welcome to the Photoshop tax on new cameras. :) Essentially, RAW is not an acronym or a file format or a standard. It's a raw data dump from the sensor/processor. And it's different for every single camera model. The CR2 files from your 7DMkII are different from the CR2 files of your 7D. And since Adobe has no time travel capability, they can only ...


Cameras could do ETTR quicker and more accurately than humans No, because it is a judgement call what highlights need to be clipped. There is no agreement as to what is photographic dynamic range; and much here depends on the intended use and personal tolerance to noise and artifacts.


Get multiple cards, so that you don't have to delete them. If you want a backup, in addition to multiple cards get a device like Nexto or HyperDrive with SSD drive inside. SSDs are worth the price here, they take less power and are shock resistant. They are lighter, too. Btw. it may be quite a bit cheaper if you get diskless device and buy the SSD on your ...

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