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Programs like LightZone, Darktable, or RawTherapee — or proprietary software like Adobe Lightroom — have RAW conversion as a centerpiece function, but they're more than that. They're also (to greater or lesser degree depending on the program) photo library management tools, with functions for sorting, labeling, and publishing images. This aspect can ...


"I am not able to interpret the three matrices of dimensions 1280x720" -- Because they are four, Red, Green, Blue, Green, and if I remember correctly they use Aptina MT9M021 sensor, 1280 x 960. Dimensions of each matrix is half by half of the dimensions of the sensor, 640 x 480. "If I display the image in MATLAB it looks green if I use the imshow command." ...


I'm guessing you are trying to import the Canon raw files through connecting the Nikon camera to your computer? That won't work. You need an SD card reader. (Your laptop/computer should have one?)


Unfortunately, if the files aren't showing up in Explorer, then the most likely explanation is that they were never written to the card at all for some reason. A couple of things to check before giving up: All modern Canons which can shoot RAW use the .CR2 extension, rather than .CRW. The files will be in a different folder from where your Nikon would ...


Another bash version using find: #!/bin/bash read -p "please enter file suffix for raw format (e.g ORF, NEF, CR2): " suffix find . -type f -iname "*.${suffix}" | \ while read line do lowercase=$(echo "$line" | sed "s/${suffix}/jpg/gi") uppercase=$(echo "$line" | sed "s/${suffix}/JPG/gi") if [ -f "${lowercase}" ] then rm -v "${lowercase}" ...

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