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From what I understand of your question, you're asking whether a Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) RAW file should be edited to look "good". The short answer is "Yes, it should go through post-processing". Most (all?) cameras apply their own algorithms to jpg images - in other words, the manufacturer set up the camera to apply what they believe to be ...


Raw data must always be converted in one way or another for it to be a viewable image at all. When you open a raw file using any image viewer application you are not viewing the raw image (because there is no such thing - there is only raw data). You are either viewing the jpeg preview created in camera and embedded in the raw file or you are viewing a ...


For most (maybe all) manufacturers/cameras, the picture styles are not applied to raw images and so it just doesn't matter. It may (also dependent on camera/software/software version) change the way the postprocessing is done if the raw metadata tells the software about the picture style used and the software cares about that, but technically it does not ...

4 it same as I increase ISO when capturing the photo? If they won't be the same, what's the difference... The end result is similar, but how you get there and the side effects are different. Increasing the ISO setting on the camera results in the addition of gain (amplification) in the path between the sensor and analog-to-digital converter, which ...


No, there is no practical way of deducing one of images from "multiexposure" serie which results in single file.


I scan negatives and slides to create RAW files. It is largely a matter of scanner resolution limits and software. I use an Epson V700 which has a transparency scanner, film holders and a selection of software. It also can scan natively to 6400 pixels per inch. The software I use is Silverfast and Vuescan. Scanning film at sufficient resolution can be a ...


Both approaches are correct. At least as I understand what I think you are trying to say. I'm not sure, though, what you mean by, "(4 time bigger)". Raw luminance values are monochromatic in the sense that there is only one intensity value for each sensel (what we call a pixel well). But every one of those monochromatic luminance values is the result of ...


If you're using darktable, then select the image in lighttable mode and push 'duplicate'. The button can be found under the 'selected images' control group. Relevant User Manual Page


Why do you want to store them in sidecars specifically? If Adobe Lightroom is an option for you, this software is purpose-built for this sort of scenario. You can create multiple "virtual copies" of the same image in the Lightroom library, and develop them in different ways. The settings are not stored in multiple sidecar files, but it's unclear what ...


Regards the hundreds of similar shots, pick one of the bunch and Lightroom process it, sharpen etc, Switch back and select all from the bunch bar the one. Finally get Lightroom to apply the last settings to all selected photos. That should speed up the workflow and mass produce satisfying results. Why not give it a try and see if you like it?


I always shoot in RAW. ... I do this because I'm an amateur and I like to experiment and I have a happy trigger finger. It's good to know this about yourself. When you're learning, spray'n'pray is a natural trap to fall into. Some of the photos look just fine the way they are, but is it necessary to post-process it in RAW? ... I like to edit ...


This is a very old question but it remains relevant so I'll add my 3 cents. Lightroom's white balance presets seem to be just ballpark figures not tuned to any camera-specific properties. The best way to get Nikon/Canon/whatever-like rendition in Lightroom is described here and here. Basically: Take some photos with your camera using built-in white ...

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