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Flickr is definitely a good fit for what you're after: It's public by default (unlike Facebook which tends to be private). It's huge: it definitely ticks your "mass public" box. It has excellent social features that make it very easy to interact with new users (people you don't already know) and get your photos seen. It doesn't over-compress your images ...


An alternative to Flickr is 500px.com. I like the fact that users can provide a rating on any uploads and how you display your photos is more flexible than Flickr


In my experience, it doesn't make much difference if you don't put much effort put into advertizing and promotion. I am with Fine Art America and I've sold a handful of photos but only one was a random buyer; the rest were friends of friends on Facebook and word of mouth. (I spent some money on advertizing on Google (which sucked) and Facebook (which was ...


Honestly, Google+ is becoming a fantastic place to showcase photos. It seems to be mostly inhabited by photographers, and the community is huge.


Unfortunately there are a few too many variables here to be able to give a specific answer, but I will share some thoughts based on personal experience. There's always the personal choice of somebody who's in charge of buying these prints; and as anyone who's ever tried to sell prints or exhibited knows that's a whole minefield, one which I'll certainly ...


DeviantART is my favorite site to publish photos and get feedback as well. It has a great interface, active huge community, accepts all kinds of art not just photography, and most importantly it has "groups" which is simply a gathering of people for a topic may it be general as "photography" or specific to just one type of photography. And the forums are ...


1x.com is another alternative. It's a bit more exclusive - each image must be approved - but you can get more in-depth critique than at most sites (where you get mostly "nice shot" or "love this!"). I don't know how well-known it is, and you can't just upload all your stuff there, as it has to be approved, but worth a look.


If you want some exposure on Flickr (i.e. not 0 views), you'll need to post your photo to your relevant social networks (Facebook/Twitter), but also look through the list of groups for groups you could submit your photo to. I usually look for the ones with a moderately useful amount of activity and join them. The other thing is to add as many photographers ...


It depends if you are wanting feedback on all your images or just ones you select. If you want to put a collection online and have it open to comments, Flickr is the standard. If you want to just post the odd photo for critique, then you're better off going to a forum. Digital Photography School has a good forum where you can either post an image just to ...

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