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Things to do with two or more cameras: 3D Photography: You can setup both cameras with remote triggers with them mounted using a tripod accessory that holds both cameras. Then you can take photo simultaneously from two points (you would have to scale down the one from the 7D) and merge them together into a 3D image. Time-Lapse are great to do with a second ...


I occasionally volunteer my photography at historical societies. I have a keen interest in photographing old and disused structures and historical sites, so if I can get access for free then I'll subsequently give the photos to the group as well. Sometimes they will show you around the sites ask you to photograph important objects. This process basically ...


Entertain the cats. Be sure to project slides relevant to their interests. (Then, of course, you can do as Jędrek Kostecki suggested, and use the projected slide as the starting point for a new photograph.)


As a volunteer and a co-founder of an animal rescue team, I've done a lot of photography of cats and dogs that were in shelters we ran. Some of these photos were later put to good use in finding suitable permanent homes for our sheltered animals, and the initial impression would-be adopters get from such photography makes for a huge difference. Sometimes, I ...


You can always use it as a source of light for your photography! Project slides onto other objects to create interesting double-exposures. Hand paint/draw with markers on slides and project that for interesting, organic images. But as far as coverting it to do something cool... No clue.


I have seen complex setups involving rings around your body/head to make sure you are positioned perfectly in the frame. You could also do something simple like mark the position of your webcam(monitor) with tape and mark the position of your chair, then simply sit up straight. Personally my favorite option is simply to use a ruler or similar measuring ...


Funny; I just posted this on a comment to another question: The Fisheye Tin Lens This is a lo-fi fisheye lens constructed from a 35mm slide projector lens, a door peephole lens, a soda can, a t-mount adapter, and miscellaneous other junk.


There is some software available for the iPhone called "Watch Me Change" which is intended to make this easy by superimposing the new image over a translucent "ghost" of the previous image. I've not been able to find anything similar for a Mac, unfortunately.


What about a time lapse filmed by the 7D where the 30D is the main "actor"? For example, you could tell the story of a camera that went through the city/house/scenario as if in a tour. The 30D would move through the scenes and stop from time to time to take shots of its journey. You could also use the 30D mechanics to give more character to it, for example ...


You can take a travel-photography workshop with The Giving Lens! They partner with non profits in countries around the world and the trip is split 50% volunteering photography skills to the NGO, and about 50% workshops. All teams run by pro photogs. Profits are split with the NGO post-trip, plus media is donated. It's incredible!


Social awareness, environmental advocacy, scientific researches, historical researches and photojournalism with significant event or news associated (e.g. typhoon, war) are some opportunities that a photographer can offer service. Let say for example, a non-profit organization is advocating education for out of school youth, or conservation of a national ...


Ask at your local convention centers what non-profits have regular events. Then contact those organizations you are interested in to see if they would like you taking photos. I've been doing conference work with a couple local charities for close to 16 years now and it's always a lot of fun.


The most common way to help non-profit charity organizations are charity exhibitions. Exhibitions can be solo or multi-contributed exhibitons that can include photos according to a concept or mostly photos about or of the organization, like if it's a retirement village, portraits of the residents of that village or if it is an orphanage, portraits of the ...


you could join us if you like. We make photobooks and sell them with a little profit which gets donated 100% to charity organisations we choose. We are a group of over 1000 photographers from 87 countries in the world, who have joined creative forces at http://www.kujaja.com We have build water pumps in Bangladesh, support an orphan home in Calcutta India, ...


This is a guess... Fix camera mount above mirror. Leave camera on mount for duration if possible. Place chair in front of mirror. Mark position of two of the legs on the floor (e.g. using tape). Mark positions of eyes, chin, etc. on mirror using tape/lipstick/whatever.


I still like projecting slides better than showing images on a computer screen or television myself (even if the latter is more convenient). You might with a lot of electronics be able to turn it into a projection device for your laptop. Not sure how much it would take, but it wouldn't be trivial.

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