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Perhaps you could use this online calculator to calculate an appropriate lens in your situation. For example, using the calculator, I can see that (on a full-frame/35" sensor) you'll probably need a lens that has a 20" equivalent focal length or less: To get this result I popped 20 feet in the distance input, and guessed at around 20mm for the focal ...


Reduce the image size. You surely don't want your customers to download dozens of 18 megapixel images just to see spinning products. That won't be the kind of user experience that makes people reach for their wallets. And if you don't need all that resolution, you don't need to record it all in the first place. Try smaller images. Use an intervalometer to ...


I'm going to argue for video (even though you explicitly say you can't use it). With a video, there is plenty of software that allows you to pull a single frame from the video and turn it into a JPEG. I believe Windows Movie Maker allows you to do it and VLC should as well. First, let's talk about the problems with this method and then we'll talk about the ...


Check if you shoot in JPG or RAW mode. This is important as RAW files usually are bugger than JPEG and it take more time processor in camera to write them to storage card. So switch to JPEG Check if you shoot in burst mode. If you shoot in this more the buffer (very fast memory in camera) will be filled fast and processor will try to write the files to ...


Sounds to me like the camera is shooting RAW and hitting the buffer limit. Try setting the image quality option to JPEG fine instead and see if that fixes it.


It's quite possible he used focus stacking. I've not used the technique myself, but it's supposed to be easy to do in newer versions of Photoshop. There are also a number of stand-alone programs, both free and commercial, that can do focus stacking. It would take a bit longer, but you can also focus stack by hand using layer masks.


You need to use: a bigger depth of field, which can be achieved by using a higher aperture value to get more of the bag in focus: try values above f8. a shorter focal length a bigger distance between the lens and the subject a light diffuser, to reduce the harshness of your shadows or use a long exposure without a flash It goes without saying that a ...

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