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I think you can do better. Adorama has a 300 w/s Flashpoint kit with two lights, stands, and umbrellas for less than $250. You could get two of these plus a set of wireless triggers for less than the cost of the Metz kit, and you would have a four light setup that would allow you a great deal more freedom. Search for SKU FPLFBF300K2 to see what I'm talking ...


The Metz is a starter studio set, but it might suit your needs very well. Other options in a similar price range are Elinchrom D-Lite, Impact (B&H Branded strobes), Dynalight (re-branded versions of RimeLight from Korea) and a host of others you can find at B&H and Adorama. Check their used equipment too. Sometimes you can score a great deal on a ...

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