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Yes, this is legal under the doctrine of first sale. In general, under the law, distribution is an exclusive right of the copyright holder. However, this is a specific exception, where "the owner of a particular copy [...] is entitled, without the authority of the copyright owner, to sell or otherwise dispose of the possession of that copy". So, you are in ...


I'll start with "I'm not a lawyer"!!! But from my understanding, yes you can. Because: You purchased a single print, and are only looking to sell this on. Therefore you are not in breach of copyright. (Unless there were special terms attached to the original sale to you) It it akin to buying a painting, sculpture etc, and selling it some time later ...


I think you are talking about "canvas", this is how I have most of my pictures printed, some places even mount frames (with no glass) on your canvas print, which can look really nice, to my knowledge, canvas prints are always matte.


I find that the Wikipedia article on Photogravure gives a good detailed overview of the subject. An easier to follow and shorter version can be found in this description of the process. Here's the summary of the technique: Contact-print a positive onto a layer of gelatine sensitized in potassium dichromate. This hardens the exposed parts of the gelatine. ...

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