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The column of the table you refer to is titled "Capacity/litre of working strength fixer" so each 1L will process 80 sheets of 20.3x25.4cm paper and 10L will, therefore, process 800 sheets of 20.3x25.4cm paper, etc.


The most common size for under-the-lens filter holders is 3x3" and those designed for use in the head or bellows run the gamut. Other than sets that are built for specific enlargers, generic filters are usually sold in 3x3", 6x6" and sometimes 12x12". If the filters you have are regular gel filters, they're usually cut down to fit your drawer and then stay ...


(I didn't see the "darkroom" tag, so original answer was for digital, I've added non-digital to top) Here I would either: Lower contrast - either a lower contrast grade paper or choose a 1 or half contrast grade lower filter if using multi-contrast paper. That might give you the room you need to get both the dark table and white lettering. Fancy dodging ...


Don't use curtains. You need to construct a "light labyrinth". Try to install a fan extractor that fits the opening, like the ones people use in a bathroom that has no windows. You just need to need to pull out the air, the air will enter on different parts of the room, like the openings around the door. You can make an curved shaped box made of cardboard ...

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