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The difference is very little. You can resize it if you are given the requirement to send a file with a precise dimension but otherwise send it as-is. This is because the printer must do a resampling of its own and if you do one before, there will be slightly more artifacts. Most crucially for you is that you will need to crop since the aspect-ratio of your ...


The following is probably not entirely accurate, but I will try to highlight what I think the main differences are. Also, keep in mind that most of the names used above are umbrella terms for whole families of processes that might differ significantly within one family. I think photogravure and circuit etching can be seen as somewhat similar with respect to ...


I find that the Wikipedia article on Photogravure gives a good detailed overview of the subject. An easier to follow and shorter version can be found in this description of the process. Here's the summary of the technique: Contact-print a positive onto a layer of gelatine sensitized in potassium dichromate. This hardens the exposed parts of the gelatine. ...

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