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I recently upgraded to a Canon ip8750 photo printer plus also a new Dell 2713h monitor and encountered the same issue where the prints had a slight magenta tint to them. I also used an HP all in one and although not perfect, the prints were adequate. After lots of trial and error, I used the spyder4 calibrator to recalibrate the monitor to wide gamut. I ...


The setting looks fine, except perhaps turning on the black point compensation, but it probably gets turned on automatically behind the scenes anyways. There are some things that I would try to get to the core of the problem: Print something with printer color management instead of PS color management. Does it come out magenta as well? If yes, the ...


Haven't used them, but the Canon user manual for the Pro-100 states: Paper Weight / Thickness You can use paper in the following weight ranges. rear tray: From 17 to 28 lb (64 to 105 g /m2) (plain paper except for Canon genuine paper) You can use non-Canon genuine specialty paper that is up to 53 lb (200 g /m2). Do not use ...

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