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I use HP deskjet 9800 that has quadrichrome photographic inks kit, it is a professional office printer but is versatile and does really good photo prints even in A3 paper size.


You can certainly get reasonably results with an inkjet printer, but the price per. picture is quite high and the quality of pictures bad - for my liking - when using an ordinary inkjet printer! On a daily basis I work with flexleasing, and we must use the images immediately. We use a mini photo printer, it uses photo sheets as a polarid photo. It delivers ...


There are many good inkjet printers that will produce good results. I think this site would like questions that are slightly longer lived than a specific recommendation of a brand or model number, and I see related topics on the right that will probably answer your question better, like this one: What should I look for in a printer for photos? All that said,...

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