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Performance in terms of acutance of any lens varies in a lot of ways, but throwing in the variable focal lengths a zoom lens is capable of adds to the complexity of things. Even a prime lens with a fixed focal length can vary in terms of center sharpness from one aperture setting to the next. How much that sharpness is degraded from the center to the edges ...


No, that's not generally true. You might look at the DxOmark website for actual measurements on different lenses. Sharpness at different points across the field is one of the things measured in great detail, and graphed using color to indicate sharpness. The sharpness varies not only with the specific lens, but varies with the zoom setting on zoom lenses, ...


As with any blanket statement, it's not true in every case that primes will give consistent sharpness across the field and zoom lenses won't. To take one specific example, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II has much worse performance in the corners than the centre at f/2.8, whereas the Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II USM is pretty consistent across the frame at 50mm, ...


Lens sharpness is fairly complex topic as there are many variables that dictate what makes an image sharp and what does not. Here I will try and keep it as basic as possible with a just a few areas that can be considered regarding sharpness. It is generally true that Prime Lenses are sharper than Zoom Lenses. The reason for this is due to a prime Lens not ...


Generally yes. A camera lens is composed of many lens elements. Each element bends light in a different way. Some elements need to be made of a different material that bends some colors more or less than others (especially at the edges). It is difficult to manufacture elements that are of unusual shapes (aspherical) or that require much finer tolerance. A ...


If you're using Adobe Lightroom, you will want to try out https://www.lightroomdashboard.com , it's going to tell you about focal lengths, apertures, ISO usage etc.


Go to The-digital-Picture.com, search for Canon 50mm f1.8 STM review, click on "Image Quality". This web page will let you see the images of a resolution chart as taken with the selected lens. You can choose what camera body, the focal length (if it's a zoom lens), the f-stop, and a different image will be shown. You can choose another lens on the right ...

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