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The 85mm is a longer lens, so it gets you more reach, a flatter field curvature/less distortion, and probably more background blur than you'd get with a 35mm lens. However, your working distance will need to increase, so for smaller spaces it may not be as good a fit as a 35mm, especially on a crop body, and the longer distance and lack of VR means it'll be ...


You have a bit of an odd case as shooting a night club vs shooting a wedding are pretty widely juxtaposed in terms of need. For a night club, you are shooting in a cramped area without much room for clear lines of sight. You are up close and personal with the subjects you are shooting and need a good wide angle lens. The feeling of a club means you don't ...


AF 85mm f/1.8D lens is one of my favorite for outdoors shooting. However I'm using Nikon D7000 so it will be 85/1.8G in your case to keep autofocus. I think you will be pretty happy with this lens for the wedding photography. I'd say I'm taking about 50% of my pics with 85mm (I also own Tokina 12-24mm f/4 and Nikon 35mm f/1.8). Nevertheless you spoke about ...


Unless the nightclub is empty, I can't see that an 85mm lens will help you - or a 50mm for that matter. On your (crop sensor) camera, even 35mm is marginal for nightclub shooting. I recommend you audition a wider lens, something like a 17-55mm or 12-24mm zoom for flexibility, as these are far more common for this kind of photography. Some suggestions are ...

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