Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway

Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway
by Saaru Lindestokke                

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People like me who still shoot old, manual, film cameras loaded with B&W film. Primes are cheaper, have basically nothing that will fail, and you can get faster primes for the same price. I also don't need AF (my bodies are all older Nikons that are MF only), and most MF lenses are primes. Having access to a bigger aperture when using film can be a big ...


Might also have to do with speed. Some zooms are limited in their range, being slower at longer focal lengths. Take a look at photographers on sidelines of football matches; they might have one long fast zoom and then a shorter lens on a second body in case the player gets close. They are, however, specialized lenses. Usually for situations where you are ...


Who in the world buys large primes? Wildlife and sports photographers, mostly. I'm struggling to see how one would find use in a long focal length prime, 300mm and above for example: without zoom, isn't your shot composition always at the mercy of how close or far away your subject is, meaning heavy cropping is almost always necessary in post? ...


You might buy one in order to get a balance of high quality, reasonable size and weight, fast aperture, and a lower price. As you say, people often get shorter primes because they like a particular field of view, and I don't think that's usually the case beyond, say, 90mm (in 35mm terms). That list of compromises can't be avoided — but giving up zoom lets ...


It's an old question ( EG ). The short answer is that it is most advantageous for Video, because when you zoom in everything doesn't get darker. For single frame Photos you can adjust ISO and Shutter speed (the automatic Setting will do it for you) on a shot by shot basis and get all Photos similar; in a Video ...


Get the kit lens! Some background: I have a Sony NEX-3N. I put a lot of miles on the kit lens, I've taken it everywhere. It's very portable. We've been through a lot of mud together. I take risky shots I simply wouldn't with a more expensive lens. And you know what? I have taken some great pictures. I can get the droplets in a splash of water on a lake in ...

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