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Great question. I'm a humanitarian photographer, working mostly in developing countries for ngo's, and some photojournalism on the side, which brings me to a lot of rather small spaces with little light and not too much space to walk around (classrooms, for instance). I only take pictures of people, lots of close-up portraits and some wide shots of the ...


For low-light photography, for moving subjects, where you want full-body coverage in frame, (which is your primary use - in night clubs) then a 24mm on a crop-sensor camera (which is your D3200) would be my recommendation. It's wide enough to get full body in frame at distances from ~10-12ft. The fixed focal length / prime lens will allow wide aperture so ...


As for which lens to use on which body, I do think you are over-thinking it. Both cameras are full frame cameras, and all your lenses are L series lenses. So, with any matchup, you have L lenses on full-frame bodies. As for which camera/lens combination to use where, I suggest you use the body that performs best in low light for indoor shots. All the lenses ...

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