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Your competition is not other photographers, it's a teacher with a point and shoot. Schools care about the quality of the education, and the relatively minor quality difference in a staged group shot is worth very little to the school. The school may use it for their magazine or website, but they're working on a shoestring. They may pay for 1 or 2 images. ...


First of all you need to categorize what you nean by "Edit" them. This is probably not an answer but a big comment. Lets think for example in Portrait. In general depends on the overall quality of the photo. Remove imperfections on skin... This depends on the skin, ilumination, makeup. Color corrections... This is relative if you do not have a target ...


Image editing cost depends on multiple factors like specific requirements, location and the complexity of images. If the picture is so old and worn one, then it will take more time and expertise to finish the job. So, the cost will depend on required time, expertise, expected quality of output, and the condition of the source picture. Another aspect on which ...

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