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Similar services that you mention are performed commercially. A popular model is that photographers would send all or a culled selection of images to the company and they will further cull and perform basic editing on the remainder. Charging Method Charging is rarely done by the hour since speed is greatly dependent on skill level and a customer shouldn't ...


This issue is true for all businesses. the question: Do I bill an hourly rate plus expenses and "diets by government rates". Versus what is the service worth to them. And is the travel time worth as much as active time? will the bill be too high vs the value of the service? Can you pool other work time with the travel time? Knowing a set amount of hours ...


Billing for travel should include 3 parts: Work, Travel, and Per Diem Work Billing for the work is often the most difficult. The easiest way to quote a fair price would be billing hours worked at your standard rate, or your average income in a single day, whichever is greater. For example, if you work 8 hours, but in a normal day at the office you'd work ...


Travel time is billable at the normal rates. Always think that you could have billed your normal rate to another customer. All good business runs this way. Bill what someone will pay you to do your job because if you weren't doing travel you would be shooting.


This client wants to purchase a professional photographers work. The key question to ask yourself here is if you can deliver professional work. If the answer is yes, then you should get paid to do so. Some of the factors to consider are not in your question, so Is this a "shoot and burn" wedding. Are you simply providing what falls out of your camera? Or ...

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