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Napioa - Wind Origins
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There is a key factor you have to take in consideration; here in photography business time equals to money, spending hours after hours on editing which adds a value of only few bucks than you have to think other way. Smart thinking is hire professionals for every segment of your business if you want to take your business to next level. For my photography ...


Thank you for your suggestions and opinions, everyone! I called a few photographers in my area and decided to charge $200 for three hours at this small outdoor event, including edits and a DVD. I chose this amount because it's about a hundred dollars cheaper than the professionals, which takes into account: I'm new, don't have an assistant, and the client is ...


I would suggest that you do not charge anything at all to the potential client because the instant you take money for a shoot, the relationship between you and your friend changes. They become your client proper and their expectation is that you will deliver everything they request. The pressure on you is to deliver and that may cause you to make an error. ...

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