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Two possibilities that I can think of. If you are shooting RAW, then you may need to download the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for Windows 7 which will allow Windows to create thumbnail images as previews You may simply need to change a folder view setting: Open Windows Explorer Click on Organize >Folder and Search options On the "View" tab, uncheck the "...


I would recommend getting Adobe Lightroom or a similar program, Your dSLR came with a similar application, ViewNX2 for Nikon cameras. Lr is a great program with many catalog features in addition to the Develop module. Lr will also allow you to shoot tethered. BTW: You should ONLY be shooting RAW or "RAW + jpg".


I take it you're not familiar with computers in the least. So let's back up a bit. Each image is one file; presumably what you're looking at is a list of files in a "folder" that you copied to your computer's drive. First thing: that's a default symbol for the app that your OS expects to be able to use to open each file. Right-click and select "Open With....

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