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Most printers have a list of accepted filetypes, so I would check with them before choosing what to save your photos as. It depends what kind of paper you are printing on and how big the print is. For example, if you print on glossy photo paper, the standard is a bare minimum of 200dpi. If you print on newspaper, it's closer to 70dpi (the paper would just ...


I believe the native resolution of that printer is 360. Since this is higher than what you can provide for the aforementioned print size, just send them the full resolution file. Your photo editor should calculate the actual ppi based on the target size. Avoid lossy compression (JPEG).


To get the maximum quality you would usually send the native resolution. This will rarely be a nice and round number. This is because a printer can discard extra but it cannot make up for missing details. It also avoids double resampling since a printer has to convert to its inner resolution and resolution. Say your 80 MP is 10328 x 7760 pixels, then a 36 x ...

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