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Usually, people are aware that they have it, but don't want it to be so pronounced. If you can use Gimp, there is a plugin called Wavelet decompose. In this site there is some information on how to use it to retouch pictures. I like that technique because you don't need to complete remove what doesn't please you, but you can minimize it so the picture ...


No. RAW files are certainly capable of being converted into better quality images but that will not improve your photography. There is a huge difference between better photography and higher image-quality and these are largely orthogonal concepts. Think about it, there are great images made famous taken on a film camera of 60 years ago. Its quality of ...


There are some books about Gimp but as you've discovered, not nearly as many as about other programmes, and particularly Photoshop. However, as @Morpho has suggested, searching online is a very useful option here; there are many many text and video tutorials out there. The way I am learning Gimp is by tackling projects. Start with something you want to do, ...


Why are you looking for books? There are so much tutorials on Youtube..that can visually tutor you It depends what you are actually looking for, but Youtube has amazing collection of videos. For example, http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=basic+photoshop have a look here. Some basic Photoshop will help you out.


This depends on what you plan to do with the images... Natural Edits By natural, I mean staying true to the level of quality the JPEG provides in respects to white balance, exposure, etc. No, you will not yield significantly better images. You will, however, yield more experience in photography by obtaining a better understanding of the limitations of ...


Yes, you will get better image quality. 14-bit NEF is far superior in the amount of color data contained compared to JPEG. (14 bit means a much wider dynamic range being captured.) Another issue is JPEG artifacts (JPEG is lossy) so if you want to cut around, create a composite image, you will have serious troubles around the high contrast edges. Tuning ...


Besides post-processing, a soft focus or diffusion filter will soften detail. With proper lighting it may also add a halo effect to the subject. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/457719-REG/Tiffen_W52DDFX2_52mm_Digital_Diffusion_F_X.html

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