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In addition to the factors mentioned by AJ Henderson, I think another important aspect here is previsualization. A highly skilled photographer already has a very good idea of what she/he wants the final picture to look like before actually taking it. In such a case the photographer might then work "backwards" from the desired output (be it via the digital ...


No, it does not matter where your JPEG comes from. Editing a JPEG degrades its quality. The reason that JPEG is not suited to editing has to do with the way the data is saved in JPEGs, not whether the camera produced the JPEG or Lightroom did. I suggest you read the many excellent answers on this site that explain why raw is better than JPEG for editing. ...


While Photoshop is a very powerful tool, it is by no means the only tool involved in producing a high quality photo, nor the most important one. Photography is a crap in/crap out type of art form. You can't achieve a good end result by taking crap in to Photoshop and somehow expecting it to magically allow you to fix what is inherently broken. Photography ...


Similar look can be achieved by applying an effect called Bleach Bypass. It originated in cine industry, where bleach bath was bypassed or shortened during processing of traditional silver halide cinematographic film. This effect and its variations are still popular in movies. When regular film is processed, the developer bath simultaneously creates black ...


Name Gradient color wash/gradient color overlay/gradient tint Bonus The video appears to be a combination of applying a tint to the video, a little blurring and some time remapping, possibly using a plugin like Twixtor. Filming at 60fps or higher would help facilitate the slow motion/time remapping. Similar speed effects could be accomplished natively in a ...


I've been using RawTherapee and ViewNX mostly, and I've recently tried Capture NX-D. So fare my favorite is RawTherapee, although I still have some issues with it. I'll list some pros and cons of the tools, based on my experience and some things that I've read here and there. ViewNX is the simplest of the three, mainly due to the limited number of possible ...

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