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Do desensitization therapy by having her wear a mask. Something like cool Marti Gras masks or vintage costume party masks or ethnic shaman masks, so you'll get cool photos anyway. Have her model clothing and household items without her face in the shot (a great excuse to splurge on a fancy manacure, your treat). In all that, have her appreciate the good ...


Due to the way perspective works the larger eye should be the one closer to the camera and the smaller eye should be the one further away. Usually. Things that are of equal size look larger when they are closer and smaller when they are further away. Our brains expect that when we view a person from an angle the eye further away from us will appear smaller ...


First, those terms aren't exact synonyms. A 3/4 shot is any image where subject has been cropped at around the knees. American shot is sometimes used to specifically refer to composition where several subjects in interaction (e.g. partners in dialogue) have been cropped that way; and sometimes, it is indeed used more loosely as a synonym for 3/4 shot. ...

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