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Napioa - Wind Origins
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In this particular instance, we don't have to speculate why the photographer used the backdrop on location. In Felix's own words: This is taking location lighting to a new level. I put one of my Oliphant backdrops up in a field and I used daylight as a basis and then added in my own lighting to ‘kick it’ a little. So we end up with this clean studio ...


If you are using a DSLR camera, rent a perspective control (a.k.a., tilt-shift) lens, and use lateral shift. This allows you more control over the placement of the camera in the image while also controlling the view perspective. You can achieve the effect of the camera viewpoint being apparently in front of the mirror, but without seeing the camera in the ...


One of possible setups is illustrated with this image: To take this photo one needs to place camera off-side. Depending on how important the scene is you may cut almost everything and also place camera further from the mirror and use objective with bigger focal length to achieve similar size of head and it's reflection. A model can also stay closer to the ...


How can I do this without the camera showing in the picture? Angles. Imagine a line running down the center of the mirror Stand to one side of the mirror and face the center line. Have someone else stand in the corresponding position on the other side of the line, also looking at the center of the mirror. You'll see the other person, and they'll see you ...


Tell them to come back at the next available appointment time when they have followed the instructions you gave them. Seriously. The only way to deal with this during production is to ensure it is dealt with prior to production. Make sure the client/model acknowledges at least a day in advance that they understand the need to wear loose fitting, non-binding ...


You can't get rid of compression marks easily. Rubbing or using moisturiser etc wont do anything, you just have to wait. So if they are there, you're stuck with fixing it in post and preparing better next time. If you have a good makeup artist they can probably make them look all but gone, with a quick touch up in post. Other than that, if you know you're ...

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