India Point Park

India Point Park
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Don't think of it as a light source, but as a shade source. There are, of course, reasons why a photographer might want to use an overhead light source, but your question didn't mention anything other than the panel. That leads me to believe that you are referring to location fashion, glamour and beach bunny shots of the sort that make their way into ...


The lighting doesn't look overly complex to me. Mainly I see what looks like a large softbox to camera right, and a hairlight to camera left. I mocked it up using the virtual lighting studio here: The background gradient could be achieved in a lot of different ways, but likely is just from adding a gel to a strobe. It could just as easily be achieved in ...


Use multiple directional light sources with narrow coverage. Unlike most portrait techniques that use the broadest, softest light that can be cast on the subject here you want to only light specific areas that you wish to emphasize and leave the less flattering features in the shadows. Think several small flashes with snoots. Light each area independently of ...

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