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It just happens to be the opposite for me, it becomes murch harder for me to portrait close family members. But when I'm with "strangers" what I do is not making such a great deal with the shooting. I say, "this is just a test" (the first shots actually are) but then I never say "Ok, this is a real one", I simply make a natural transition from adjustment ...


For me capturing the essence of someone in a portrait is a challenge. Sometimes I'm successful and sometimes not. Currently working on a portrait project this subject of capturing "essence" came up front and center. Fortunately, I have known many of my portrait subjects as friends or associates. One would think that advantage would make the job easier. ...


Portraits can be taken at a variety of different focal lengths it all depends on the type of look and feel you would like. Traditionally a longer focal length 50mm and above is used but there really are no set rules as rules are meant to be broken every now and then! :)


Another option: Take the portrait with and without the glasses. Then in photoshop, you can select the eyes from the portrait without the glasses and composite them onto the image over the eyes with the glass reflection. It takes a bit of practice but you can with a little care make it impossible to tell you did it.


Avoiding Flash Reflections in Eyeglasses: Ep 214: Digital Photography 1 on 1: Adorama Photography TV AdoramaTV Presents Digital Photography One on One. In this episode Mark shows us how to adjust the angle of your light source to avoid flash reflections in eyeglasses. Mark explains "angle of incidence" and "angle of reflection" to help you capture images ...


Many early photographers were influenced by conventions in painting that had existed for a few hundred years previous to the invention of photography (this is true of Adams and earlier landscape painting). For example, the photographer Julia Margaret Cameron was influenced by early Italian Renaissance painting as were other photographers from the mid ...

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