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On a basic level, it's not so much overexposing, but shooting with lots of light in the background. This can be a white room (or a white box, depending on the size of the subject), or shot against bright diffuse light outdoors. Most cameras will tend to underexpose such scenes if used in automatic mode, so you would need to compensate by "overexposing". In a ...


To do this, you'll need each individual to be easily extractable from their background and be able to place them in to another scene. You will want consistent, even and reproducible lighting, so you will need to shoot with only artificial light in a room with no windows (or at night). Any variations in lighting will make it very obvious that the images ...


1, Broad 2. Short 3. Rembrandt 4. Side 5. Butterfly (or Paramount)


When using regulable flashes or countinuous lamps, the lightmeter does not tell the photographer what aperture to use, instead it tells which aperture the current lighting is set up for. The photographer first decides what aperture to use, a suitable ISO and exposure time. The meter is then used to find a flash or lamp setting that is good for the aperture ...

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