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So do I just need to learn how to use this lens, or would a getting a 50mm f/1.8 lens really help with taking pictures of people? Yes. Both. As others have already explained, a lens with a larger aperture will definitely help. It may be more than you bargained for, though! Even on a crop sensor camera, at f/1.8 and a distance of 1 meter, the depth of ...


User 25034 wrote "You can but then you need your group to be close and the background as far as possible (like as shooting in a path between trees) " and then AJ Henderson suggested that answer was not very helpful or clear. Part of your original question was "If I really try, I can sometimes get the subject with a blurred background if I move in close ...


There are a few things going on here: The subject's hand may be considerably closer to the photographer, but not so much to the camera's sensor plane. The image was shot from just above the subject's eye level (looks like about mid-forehead to me), so the camera was tilted down. You can only see the front half of what you're looking at, assuming it's a ...


On a basic level, it's not so much overexposing, but shooting with lots of light in the background. This can be a white room (or a white box, depending on the size of the subject), or shot against bright diffuse light outdoors. Most cameras will tend to underexpose such scenes if used in automatic mode, so you would need to compensate by "overexposing". In a ...


To do this, you'll need each individual to be easily extractable from their background and be able to place them in to another scene. You will want consistent, even and reproducible lighting, so you will need to shoot with only artificial light in a room with no windows (or at night). Any variations in lighting will make it very obvious that the images ...


1, Broad 2. Short 3. Rembrandt 4. Side 5. Butterfly (or Paramount)

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