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I have been a nikon D40 shooter for years and all of my portfolio pictures were shot with it. so I encourage u to get the striking 35mm 1.8 which is very fast and produces stunning images. I will be ordering my own next week.


For Photobooks, I always go through Artisan State ( Their books are seamless and they come with many awesome layouts to choose from. You have options as well on the size of the book and covers and colors. HIGHLY reccomend. Everything is hand made so after you order, it could take up to a week and a half to get to you unless you ...


I chose Mpix, mostly because they have good quality at a good price and because if/when I sell to people, what I sell is from Mpix, so it makes sense that what they see in my portfolio is what they can expect to get. While Mpix does offer some proof portfolios and extra things, I just ordered 8x10 shots and put them into a portfolio book thing from ...


I haven't used them yet, but every professional photog I've spoken to has highly recommended for their printing. First class service with first class deliverables. All sorts of professional printing papers, etc. You can read up on them, and talk to other professionals get a feel for what they can do. For example, for a photog workshop I took, the ...

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