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Get more groups, or at least different triggers. Just me, but consider getting some additional gear. Picking up a cheap 3rd party CLS-capable flash, such as a Yongnuo YN-586EX (make sure you get the Nikon version), would let you use your SB-800 as your commander, and give you four groups (three off-camera). Or using TTL radio triggers (Phottix Odin, Godox ...


Portrait photographers use multiple lights. Lighting effects are achieved via adjusting position and intensity of each. We are talking lighting ratio. Typically a main lamp is set high and off to the side to simulate afternoon sunlight. Shadows cast by the main are softened by a subordinate lamp called a fill. Best if this lamp plays on the subject, filling ...


one behind the subject over exposing a white background by one stop It sounds like you don't necessarily have to adjust this one as frequently as the other two. If you set this background flash to manual dumb optical slave mode (that is: let it fire in the manually adjusted settings when it sees another flash) you can distribute your other two flashes over ...

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