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I am looking for a good filter for my 67mm thread lens. I have good experience with the Hoya 8Layer HD cir-pol filter and I really like that it is not as dark as other filters, but it is very expensive and according to reviews it is not as "clean" across the wavelengths and the surface as others like B+W and Heliopan. I did my own quick ...


There are polarizers for long focal lengths, but you usually find them in the shape of circular polarizers : http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews/Canon-52mm-Drop-In-Circular-Polarizer-Filter.aspx You also have less chance with a long focal to have a dark line in the image, as seen here : ...


but haven't found any info on a 300mm zoom lens with a polarizer. Is this because it is not suggested to be used on 300mm zoom lenses? No, I think it's just that there's nothing to say about that specific focal length with a polarizing filter -- it'll work the same as it does at 200mm or 100mm. A polarizer's effect depends on the angle at which light ...

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