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Napioa - Wind Origins
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What is called a "circular polarizer" in photography is just a linear polarizer combined with a quarter wave plate which converts the linear polarized light that comes out of the first part of the filter to circular polarized light. The conversion to circular polarized light makes the light behave the same as unpolarized in the camera thereby preventing the ...


No question, the polarizer is the most useful filter in arsenal of the digital photographer. The polarizing screen works because light from the sun as well as many light sources is un-polarized meaning the light waves vibrate in any and all plains. As the light passes through the atmosphere the direction vibration is altered. This vibration orientation is ...


You need to understand the situation better, about the purpose of the circular polarizer, about why linear polarizing filters are Not used on sophisticated cameras today. A linear polarizer will work just fine as far as the photo goes. The photo does not care. We used linear filters in the old days (before electronic sensors). But a linear polarizer ...

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