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I guess this is an old thread, but I do have some experience with double polarizers. I first came across the idea while attempting to attenuate the IR signal getting to my Cybershot F717's sensor, so that I could take infrared pictures in broad daylight. For that, they do an excellent job. I have 4 polarizers here, 2 circular and 2 linear, which I have ...


You need to put the polarizing filter closest to your lens first so that you can see its effect as you rotate it. Once you put on the ND filter(s), it may be too dark to select the polarization.


SEWING MACHINE OIL (get at fabric store like JoAnne Fabrics) I have 3 B+W CPL filters (purchased from B&H so pretty sure not fakes) and after a few years all became stiff. I sent one back to B+W and they replaced it for free but then a couple of years later it too was stiff. What I finally did was to use a drop (no more) of sewing machine oil on the ...


My experiment with crossed polarizers (2 cpl, one reversed) has convinced me that they are not the solution I was looking for. Crossed as dark as I could get them worked about to about 16 stops -- so I was shooting 5 minutes at F22 at ISO 200 in daylight. The vertical and horizontal banding was worse than I expected, and the purple color cast was unfixable ...

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