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Time to be with loved ones

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I know it's an old thread, but I like to add visually here. So I tested this with my Canon SX110 IS (I'm not really a professional photographer, I only have a compact camera ;). Shutter speed is 64 seconds (CHDK). First image is with IS, the second is without IS. Both are cropped to show a detail. Considering the sharpness of the second picture I believe ...


Check out the Pentax MX-1, or the similar Olympus XZ-2 (or a cheaper XZ-1). These cameras share the same foundation (sensor & lens), but the Pentax has less controls while the Olympus has more. Both have a very fast lens for a P&S and RAW support.


It sounds like you are describing mirrorless system cameras. They have the interchangeable lenses and some of them have larger sensors, but they always use the sensor directly to an LCD rather than using a viewfinder, which saves on size and weight (while giving up a few other more minor things like AF speed, though even that is coming around). X ...

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