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I'm a big fan of compact mirrorless. You can get Sony NEX cameras near your price range, you just missed a sale on the old NEX-5 that was $250. I highly recommend going with a compact mirrorless or DSLR over a point and shoot, and you are right on the cusp with your budget of getting a used entry level interchangeable camera and lens. I know you don't care ...


While your budget of $200 is a challenge, with some research and persistence you can probably find something to meet your needs. Try doing a camera feature search at sites like You can narrow your search based on all sorts of features, such as RAW-capable, manual mode, etc. Unfortunately, you can't search or sort the results based on price. ...


A smartphone is the most obvious solution to me. You don't need a fancy camera(i.e. DSLR) to be a photographer. Explore the smartphone tag on this site for great examples of why many are choosing smartphone photography these days.


Generally what and how you shoot and your budget tend to be the three big deciding factors in what gear is appropriate and the best fit for you. Interchangeable lens system cameras, like dSLRs or mirrorless cameras are generally the most versatile types of cameras, because of the ability to switch out lenses and use hotshoe flashes, etc. But they also ...


Ionization, radiation, transistor wear, color filter aging and so on... In normal use you will never see anything weird except dead pixel count slowly rising that are not mapped out. The worst ones are those that are a little bit lighter/darker than the others. Hard to map them out if they are not exactly stuck. Since I am on the phone this link may be an ...


A factor not yet mentioned is changing expectations. When you buy a new camera you get the newest thing on the market: higher resolution sensor, better low light performance, better autofocus system, faster processor, and longer battery life than your previous camera. Over years of use your camera will experience wear and tear that might have a small impact ...


Sensor signal to noise ratio gets worse over time and you will lose a little dynamic range, but you probably will never notice it on pictures.

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