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Shoot festival concerts during daylight hours. Honestly, that's about it. Theatrical/concert photography is about the most challenging there is, both in terms of pushing the equipment you use to the absolute edge of their capabilities and in terms of requiring every bit of skill and experience you might have as the photographer. Photography is the art of ...


Honestly, with a point and shoot, it's going to be tricky. Based on your phrasing, it sounds like it's an indoor show. In my experience, the lighting is pretty bad. So with a point and shoot, I'd advise shooting with a 1/60 shutter speed as the fastest, but lower is possible. You'll want to be close, since camera shake at distance will definitely be a ...


This is a difficult ask for even a dSLR shooter. A superzoom bridge camera will be further handicapped by a slow lens and a small-format (1/2.3") sensor. You may have no choice but to get motion-blurred images. You will want to use a high ISO setting--probably 1600 or higher. Consider using post-processing software that can do noise reduction, and turning ...


Handholding a circular polarizer (or, heck, a pair of polarized sunglasses) in front of the lens of your Powershot G51 is not your only choice. Quite a few (although not all) of the Canon Powershot G series cameras actually have a bayonet mount on them for an adapter tube, which will allow you to screw on filters. If you push on the button on the face of ...


It is easier to let your camera meter for the background and for you as the photographer to take control of your subject and ultimately, control how much light you wish to use. Photography is just “Painting with Light”, and whereas on a bright day, when there may be an abundance of ambient light, you are still confronted with the following 2 scenarios; Is ...


Unfortunately there is not much point to applying a fisheye effect digitally unless you happen to like the specific effect that a digital fisheye filter has. For example, it can sort of simulate the effect of looking through a glass ball. Actual fisheye lenses exist because they can get a very wide angle of view, and don't need to worry about keeping ...


I would like to learn and dive deeper into manual/program mode. Look at the mode dials on the top of the two cameras. IMO, it makes the Sony DSC HX9V the clear winner over the Nikon Coolpix S9100, because the dial on the HX9V clearly shows the PSAM (Programmable auto, Shutter-priority, Aperture-priority, and full Manual) modes, while the dial on the ...

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