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Look in your printer settings and see if there is a selection to shake/vibrate the mirror, which will knock loose any accumulated dust from the mirror and sensor. Mine does it every time I turn it on.


I would say it is dead now. Even back in 2012, it was near death with the advent of Smartphones. I know the market still exists, but the old adage of "the best camera is the one you have with you" means that today, the Smartphone digital cameras are now the best for casual, point and shoot situations.


Due to diffraction, and aperture size, F8 on a compact camera is equal to f22 on full frame, and F2 on compacts is equal to f5.6 full frame , and that's why f2 (F5.6) doesn't give the same background blur as F2 full frame. Therefore Sunny 16 rule for compact cameras is sunny 5.6 rule- so instead of 1/100th at F16 ISI 100, you would have 1/800th at F5.6 F8 =...


Other possible hack, based on the User Manual: Motion detection Allows you to set whether or not the camera automatically increases the shutter speed to reduce blurring caused by camera shake when motion is detected when shooting still images. And as the comments suggest, set the ISO setting as high as you can without inducing noise. The camera ...


If your only goal is to use the maximum shutter speed, it likely will choose that speed under very brightly lit conditions (I.e. Outdoors on a sunny day). Another option is to look for a scene mode in the camera such as "Action" or "Sports" and that likely would use it as well.

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