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Yes, this happens and this can not be avoided - it's physics. The issue occurs in the color filters which split the light before it goes to the photo-sensors. You can look up "Bayer filter" in Wikipedia for an explanation. These filters are extra thin - their thickness is comparable with the wavelength of light (red, green or blue) which they filter . ...


Correlated flash problem I figured it out. In fact, I solved two problems with one solution. In addition to blurry zoomed photos, the camera was also having trouble with the flash. Whenever the flash was necessary, pressing the shutter button would cause the flash icon on the display to blink and nothing would happen; it would be stuck. Research ...


There are several "Sport Cameras" or "Action Cameras" that come to mind. They are marketted a little differently and boast "ultrawide angle lenses" in degrees of FOV rather than focal length. Most of them are at least 120° (~10mm equivalent) and many of them are even more than that up to 170°. Some brands/models include: GoPro series SJCAM Garmin VIRB ...


The Nikon 1 series has a 6.7-13mm lens, which is 18-35mm equivalent.


According to DPreview.com, Samsung makes a bridge camera which has a 20mm ultra-wide-angle capability: Samsung WB2200F Announced Jan 7, 2014 16 megapixels | 3″ screen | 20 – 1200 mm (60×) It is by no means a light camera, because it weighs 1.56 lbs, but it has the widest angle available in a fixed-lens small sensor camera.

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