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The Nikon P900 has a 1/2.3" sensor size. The lenses on these "point-and-shoot" cameras are much smaller, much easier to design and build, and therefore much cheaper. The lenses can be smaller because the sensors are much smaller on point-and-shoot cameras. Source:


This thread appeared when I searched whether sensors lose their sensitivity . . so FWIW my lovely 10 year old high-end compact camera (CCD sensor) still shoots correctly exposed pictures but then quotes abnormal f stop/shutter speed combinations for the fixed ISO in the EXIF info. I've checked back on my earlier pictures and then the quoted exposure ...


l can only be brief, this is how I have done it: I took an old 2 megapixel pocket-sized digital camera, carefully stripped the objective lens and just replaced the original aperture which has a 3mm hole with a ultra thin brass shim of 0.05mm thick with a precise hole of 0.33mm at the center. As we know sensors do permit light fluctuations but will claim ...


It's a business decision, because you can have very small apertures on cameras - yes as small as 0.33 mm or f/80 with absolute sharpness from 12 mm to infinity. I say so through experience. The only setback is that it needs 4x more exposure during the day time and is very difficult at night without a strong light and a steady hand. The diffraction of ...


If you want something that does low light and fast autofocus, chances are good you'll need to double or triple your budget and get a substantially different type of camera. The bridge cameras you're looking at are built to be low-cost versatile superzooms, where most of the money has gone to getting you super long reach. But it gets there with a combination ...


If you are serious about fast autofocus and low-light performance, you will have to consider cameras which can satisfy those needs. You cannot decide between models when neither distinguishes itself for your needs. Low light performance requires a larger sensor. Incidentally, more sensitive cameras often autofocus faster too. The other major factor is the ...

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